What Is Your Opinion On This


Now I have been reading through some stuff on Evolve about Bugs and the DLC and it made me realize something. What Would You Rather Have. The new DLC to be released, OR stop hold on the DLC and focus fixing all the bugs in the game at the moment. Now I know what your gonna say “Why cant they just do both.” well here’s your answer.

We know TRS loves the community and all but I have to be honest, we put too much pressure on them when they don’t really have that big of a team. We keep pushing them to make and release the DLC and fix all the bugs. The way I see it…I would honestly rather have them release the DLC then they can fix the bugs that come with the DLC and the past ones.

Now this is just my opinion on the subject so don’t get mad at me, BUT i do want to hear your feedback on this as well.


There are different teams. For instance, the 3d Animators and modelers are not working on bug fixes as they are making new Hunters/Monsters and/or Maps. The Balance team isn’t working on bugs because they are working on balancing the game. The Bug Team is the one working on fixing the bugs and not working on new characters, maps or balance issues.

It isn’t that they are focused on making more DLC and ignoring bugs/balance issues, they are two different things for different teams to handle.


Please don’t rage at me :goliath_roar:< :scream: xDD
but, why not both? They devote most of their attention on bug fixes and then put the rest on DLC.
(TRS, please do not forget that we are all part of the same community, so feel free to ask us for some ideas on DLC)

Well, bad idea? O.o


They need a MUCH bigger group so that they can split into two smaller groups. One working on bugs, the other working on gameplay (hunters, monsters, gamemodes, ect.). This is what most big gaming companies do. They don’t have enough going into the game as of right now. They gave us a somewhat incomplete game but promised DLC later on. And they did that! But they’re going to have to expand in order to keep people from leaving.

Dont get me wrong though. I absolutley love this game, but some people just need more. That’s why releasing a game that is multiplayer based, without a campain, is a risky choice.


Well yeah I kinda expected there to be different teams for different jobs. But the reason I wrote this is because I believe it would be so much easier to just have them all focus on one thing so they could possibly get it done faster… but I really doubt that’s how it works :pensive:


Art team, I know you have 0 expirience with programming, but the forums want you to fix bugs, so off you go!


Ya it doesn’t work that way. No offense to the ones who work, but 3D animators most likely aren’t trained/schooled in going through lines of code. Just like QA testers who are working on game balance are able to change their profession and start working in other areas.

You don’t tell your cooks to suddenly start fixing server wracks in the IT department when there is a server load :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah…I somewhat expected that,but a guy can dream right :smile:


Yes… dreams are great!


I have a dream
That I can one day dream.