What Is your Least Favorite Map?


For me is would have to be the Aviary, I hate the gators with a passion.


There’s what two on Aviary? I know there’s another map with at least 4.


im not sure yet :confused:


I don’t like the desert-acid ones like orbital drill. Mostly because i dont like how they look xp.

Gameplay-wise I’d say orbital drill as well though…

I love aviary for its varying biomes.


Distillery…because I hate snow.


!!! You hate snow?! I love it!


I’d have to say my least favorite is rendering plant. Too much light, makes it impossible to hide in a bush and be sneaky.


I live in Illinois. I’d be happy to never see snow again ever in my life. I get cold just playing on Distillery! It usually matches the weather outside so I get miffed when I see the snow maps. Just a persona problem. :smile:



Four Tyrants in the middle, and when you go outside, you’re fucked because cutoffs are so easy to execute.

It was a nice idea on paper, but I hope we’ll get more semi-aviary-like passages in the future instead.

BUT I had a round as Goliath when I got trapped on the edge of the arena in one of the tunnels with no way out and three out of four Hunters who had no way to get out other than yell on their trapper.

Needless to say I killed them all and then pounced trapper when the dome ran out.


I hate Aviary as monster, it feels impossible to get away from the hunters due to not much verticality and the fact is easy to overlook the entire map. Not to mention how cheap it is for Markov to put unavoidable mines in the tunnels.



…Rendering Plant as monster,
Weather control as hunter.

Seriously. I hate that map with all it’s sneaky pitfalls and stormyness.


I live there as well. Every winter i go to Wisconsin to snowboard.


Weather control as hunter. There’s a lot of really bad areas to fight.


Just the very thought…shudder.


Lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Indiana here. I’m tired if this snow and negative Temps. Can’t wait till spring!


Can’t remember the name…let me go searc the forum…

Rendering plant, can’t stand it.

Edit: Also refueling tower, too much foliage. can never see anything in a fight.


Not trying to kiss ass but I like them all. Well designed and lots of detail. Wish there were more


Idk why but I keep reading your posts in the TFS DBZ abridged series goku voice lol


Lol. :stuck_out_tongue: