What is your hunting style most likely going to be as monster?


Pretty sure I am generally going to be thinking of how I can sneak around and throw hunters off completely. Aim for the ones that stray or step to close to dangerous AIs then attack them while they have the AIs focus. What about you guys and girls?


Assuming this is for Goliath related strategies:

I will most likely use evasion and misdirection at first. Mainly focus on getting level 2 as fast as possible. Even if I see a hunter by themselves, I think I’d rather just be a ghost and really hard to pin down. So when I hit stage 2 I’ll have still near full health.

However even in stage 2, I’m going to try to be sneaky or look for targets of opportunity and I doubt I will go full out assault on the hunters until I’ve reached stage 3.


I will never tell :slight_smile:


I’ve always thought it’d be cool to create an “8” shaped trail of footprints and then sneak off. This way (hopefully) the hunters will be going in circles for a long enough time to Evolve to stage two


I see what you are saying and thats very cleaver :smiley:


I’m guessing you will just wait for them in the drop zone XD


LOL I might try the figure eight a couple times just to see how it works…maybe a star or some shapes that aren’t quite identifiable…Though the question is how long do the glowing foot prints last on the map? Do they wear away? If they do it may require some more strategic thought…


Hmm I suppose that’s a good point. I imagine they’ll last a while though. It’d be cool if they lasted long enough for you to run about in small circles at one point, then run of to the left, sneak back. Run off to the right, sneak back. Then leap across the map to a completely different area. Then the hunters are stuck with two different set of tracks leading in different directions


That would be a good fit to what I would want to do.


I’m a big speaker for stealth tactics


I’m gonna try both a sneaky approach and an all out brute approach, see which works best. I wanna try sneaky first, I want to stump my prey


Blend with the shadows… :smile:


Mhh… What would happens if you leap while sneaking ?..
Do you let some marks where you started your leap ?


his is a good question lol Love to see a dev answer it.


Actually I guess you simply can’t do that.

Non stop leaping will let at least two footprints on the ground for every leap at the start and the end of your leap…
But it’s surely enough to mislead them !

Another question would be, *** “can you climb up (or down) while sneaking ?” ***
As I said though, I’m too curious, sorry ^^"


As it stands right now after you leap you are no longer sneaking. However, that may change, we’re talking about it.

What you can do is eat and climb while sneaking and you will not “break sneak” as it were.


can the goliaht jump and use fire breath at the same time (when you jump then you using fire breath)?


So it may change… Wait and see then ^^
(actually just wait, wait, wait , eventually find money to buy, aaaaand finally see !)

I can’t stop imagine and prepare my strategies even if it’s like…mounths before the launch !


I think get as much distance as I can to start out. Work on eating, try to evolve. Then hopefully try to divide and catch them off guard. But I guess it will depend on what kind of monster you use, too.


@Chloe thanks :). can the goliath jump and use fire breath at the same time (when you jump then you using fire breath)?