What Is Your Favourite Type of Humour?


Curious to what are some of the people’s favourite form of jokes; possibly ranging from dry humour all the way down to puns(yeah, I went there).


I adore puns.

I like smart play on words and unexpected, spontaneous jokes. I don’t like anything that demeans others, it ain’t necessary to have fun.


So, stereotyping jokes and whatnot?


Sarcasm and puns


I find that my favorite kind of humor is just spontaneous, non-sensical silly kind of humor. That and hyperbole


I love anti-jokes and black humor.


Any kind of humor that doesn’t make me the butt of the joke.


I love the mildly adequate jokes. Like when you see dead people and make some joke like ‘this guy is going nowhere cuz 2lazy’ ‘i would still hit that’ and then over the top meme jokes when you overdo with memes so much on purpose that you basically mock whole meme culture but you become meme culture yourself creating paradox and destroying time and space.


i like the sarcastic and dark humor.
also i like some memes, but even thought some are overdone a bit, i still enjoy them when use properly in execution.


My kind of humor


Not stereotypes specifically (though I hardly find them amusing), but jokes targeted at an individual or group instead, usually within the same conversation where the joke was made.


Anything that makes people feel offended, really.
I also like dark humour and very bad puns.
Memes are my all time fave tho but then again most memes are dark and bad puns.


So many Pun jokes I love



I like spontaneous humour, so puns mainly. Don’t know if my title gives that away or not. :smile:

The bad ones tend to be the best. :slight_smile:


Jokes like this one. I dont know how the type is called in english.


You could even say they are _pun_tastic!

######feel free to flag, i probably deserve it


I love dry humour and really childish jokes (big contrast right?). Anything by the YouTubers TearOfGrace and SuperMega I adore.


Satire and dark to fucked up humor.

Yes I know I’m horrible. ;_;

And “set-up” type stuff. Like X happens so my buddy capitalizes on it and makes a joke regarding X.


In no particular order:

  1. Puns (by the way, how do you “rate” puns? People say that some puns are bad, what are the criteria?)
  2. Dark humour, usually racist jokes (What’s white at the top and black at the bottom? The society!)
  3. Mixing pathos with the ordinary (like Deadpool’s “Spare Francis speech” moment)
  4. Precision F-Strike (yay for TvTropes!) or well-timed any-kind-of-overexpression.
  5. Clever jokes exploiting wordplay, listeners’ expectations, meta-humour, psychology and absurd.


Too many pun lovers, I can’t take it…