What is your Favourite skin


What is by now your favourite skin for the Monster ?


Daisy. Most of the Hunter’s skins taste too greasy and oily, except for maybe Laz, his tastes old like paper. But Daisy, her skin is very tender and juicy.


Probably a tie between the magma skins and goliaths savage skin, not overly fond of the elite skins.

Also maddcow, what about Parnell, judging from his body type he should be lean, plus he seems the type to take care of his body to avoid grease and oil


Unless that suit has venting he is all sorts of baked sweat and BO.


That would be the Savage Goliath. Reminds me of this:

The elite skins are really good too. More noticable, but not as cool as the savage skin.

Don’t listen to Maddcow, he doesn’t known what you are taking about. Why eat Daisy, when you can skin her and use her as a hat for your Goliath?


But the greasy fat skin is the best part :smiley:


Savage Goliath. Goliath is a boss and Savage makes him look bad-ass.


Savage, but I feel the elite skins are worth grinding for!


I dislike the Magma Skins immensely, love the Elite skins and rather like the Savage Goliath skin, because it compliments him so well.


So far I like the savage at most . Maybe I like one of the four unrevealed ones more :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: .


GabeN would be proud !

And I can’t say anything since I never saw them in action.
Savage Goliath, and Elite Wraith for sure.


Well played sir.


I’m personally in love with the elite skins.


I’m sorry for this but only Daisy skin looks really like a skin, the others are weird and vacuous. But I’m talking only about hunters skin.

Monsters skins looks good, not great but good.

But Daisy = #1 :ok_hand:


I like the Magma Skins and the Savage Skin for the Goliath the best. The Elite Skins are cool, but not a lot of color/pattern differentation, which is what I look for in an alternate skin. I think a skin which adds some unique pattern like unto a black widow mark would be cool with maybe a cobalt blue color that has purple or green highlights. Just anything that’s different than the average colors so far, especially breaking away from the reds and darks (unless combined with another color that really compliments well).


out of all the skins the goliath savage skin is by far the best. It looks pretty awesome


Savage skin and daisy blood eagle, elite daisy