What is your favourate tv show and what do you like about it?


my favs are the ultimate spider man vs the sinister six st show but when you ar wars rebels star war the free makers adventures star vs the forces of evil has anybody noticed that all of these are disney XD shows? and star vs the forces of evil may seem like a girly show but when you get later into an episode it almost always destroying monsters or blowing up foot ball with rainbow mines dimentional holes cats fire foxes and grand rainbow eagles


spongebob squarepants


The Flash

He’s my favorite Superhero of all time!


Orphan Black
Best series I’ve watched in a while. Intriguing as all hell

I’ve also heard good stories about American Horror Story, gonna starts that soon as well


The Office and Parks and Recreation because I never get sick of them.


My sister watches that show


Tie between Thrones and Walking Dead. Both are pretty epic in different ways.