What Is Your Favorite Restaurant?


Title says it all!

This is mine

This is actually what the food looks like (not neatly but looks that good :stuck_out_tongue:)


There is this place near me house, called Hemels (=Heavenly in dutch).

You guessed it, the food there (most notably the burgers) are heavenly.


I love going to a place called outback jacks for one reason…



The Chinese restaurant I used to live nearby. Now I live 15 minutes away and still go to it to this day. Either that or a grill place called DeFeo’s that serves burgers that are on five guys level.


Five guys is so expensive. For fast food like that I would take Sonic.

Chain restaurants, would be BSpot and the Melt: Bar and Grilled.

Non chain. So far that’s Lola. Michael Simons restaurant.

I also ate at Gordon Ramsay’s London of New York. That was amazing.


Is 15 minutes far?


Wat? I can eat by myself for only 10 bucks


Olive Garden


We go their for the free bread sticks and my mom goes the for the Wine haha


Yeah, but it’s a fast food place essentially. That’s a lot of cash when I go to a place like that.

Their drinks are outrageous as well.


Sawmill pizzeria on the Seaside NJ, boardwalk. Its a bar and pizzeria…
Best pizza ever, coldest beer on the boardwalk.


Not too far but I used to live 2 blocks away from it. I remember being too short to see over the counter. They fill their boxes to the top until there isn’t anymore space left for food. Also, I absolutely love Chinese food. It’s the best food in the world hands down.


I like Vietnamese personally, but Chinese is pretty bomb too.

I just found your statement funny as 15 minutes drive is super short and you can’t beat that where I’m from.


There’s a place downtown here in Eugene called The Vintage. Their food is so good, and it’s all fresh and local which is cool. :slight_smile:
They have these huge, delicious burgers. The restaurant is actually located in an old house, there’s tables upstairs and outside on the patios. They have very unique drinks, my girlfriend loves these fruity margaritas they make with pop rocks in the rim instead of salt. And their deserts… Oh my God, they have this chocolate fondue, that is so bomb. They cut little cheese cake cubes to dip into it, along with sliced marshmallows, strawberries, rice crispy treat triangles, banana slices, and these long pretzels.
It’s delicious. :heart_eyes: