What is your favorite hunter?


Reply and tell me what your favorite hunters are, and why. I’d love to see everybody’s opinion. My favorite hunter (that is released to the public) is Hyde. I plan to use him as a favorite character until the season pass hunters come out. I like him because of his Scottish accent, and his damage dealing flamethrower. Hyde’s flamethrower is the strongest weapon in the game (right now). Since the beta, they increased the damage by 5%!


Dude, Hyde’s accent is British.

Mine is Laz or Cabot.


Val would be my favored hunter. There’s something just so satisfying about hitting all those tranq darts. That being said I haven’t give any other hunter except maybe griffin, so that opinion might change down the line. (not likely)


Already had this topic made.


Lol, too bad. You have your British forum (you put favoUrite with a U) I will have my US forum. USA, USA, USA! Jk…


Not my post and I’m Canadian wooo CANADA CANADA… sorry i’ll leave now… poutine.


No worries, mate, but please post to the aforementioned thread.