What is your favorite hunter team set up and why?


I’d say Caira, Cabot, Crow and Parnell. Gobi+Dust Tag makes Railgun go pew pew.


Every time


Val, Cabot, Griffin, Parnell.

Constant slows/disables from Griffin/Val.
Cabot/Parnell have an easy time bursting, while the monster cannot move. And Cabot has infinite range depending on accuracy, and can poke through walls.
That’s my favorite combo.


I like to play with bucket, laz, maggie, and any non Markov

Markov is really hit or miss if you’re going to have a good time, because he’s the starting guy, and then after that people kind of flee from playing him again, so you get a lot of low skill markovs that make you dread markov

Maggie sort of has a few fail proof mechanics that stop that from being a problem.


Goliath as Support
Kraken as Medic
Wraith as Trapper
Behemoth as Assault

Any Problems?


I got 99 problems but monsters aint one.


lazarus, sunny, tulip, maggie is the most OP group and i go with OP groups only


Well having 4 beastly monsters hunting you down to eat you is not a problem…


as monster i laugh as im killing val :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: she has nothing!! worthless!! XD


Depends on the Val.


Caira bucket maggie markov. Traps everywhere.


Caira Sunny Griffin Torvald.

Griffin boosted by Sunny is so annoying for monsters. Also makes it easier for Tor to land mortars. Caira for more speed and superior heals, although Val & Slim are good too. Not a big fan of Laz.


Val, sunny,crow, torvald
spam stasis attacks lol
Movement? I think not.


I like to play Griffin or Crow, right now it’s insane not to take Sunny thanks to her boost. Torvald is also too damaging to not work with IMO. With Sunny on the team Markov’s area denial seems less important. I’d happily see Hyde rather than Torvald but I know we’d be reducing our damage potential. Then that just leaves the medic which, with Sunny and her boosts, means Val is the one to take. No brainer with the tranqs to help the chase.

So… Griffin, Sunny, Torvald, Val

edit: For fun I’ll always love Laz, Bucket, Griffin, Hyde


Val, Cabot, Abe and Parnell is my favorite team for killing a monster as fast as possible.

Caira, Sunny, Abe and Parnell is my favorite team for a good long game.


I would say one of the best teams i have come across and played with is a team with hank and caira the other 2 can be whatever but if i would pick the other 2 i would pick griffin and torvald.


I’m rather partial to Cabot, Griffin, Val, Torvald team comps.

Slow/Poon into a damage-amped mortar barrage is a beautiful thing.