What is your favorite character over all and what are your favorite 3 skins for that character?


My favorite character is Goliath and my 3 favorite skins are Voodoo, Savage, and Magma.

What about you guys? :smiley: Even if you don’t have any DLC skins, which ones do you think you’d like most?


Parnell now I suppose… And his Elite skin, don’t really have options.


Moves this over to General.

Kraken is hands down my favorite. I like the Savage, Cosmic, and Magma skins the best.


Goliath-Elite, Voodoo, and soon, that super sexy Tiger Skin :heart_eyes:


My 3 equal fav are Val, Laz and griffin, with the fav skins being the phoenix for Val/Laz and the blood eagle for griffin


Why general? I want other player’s feedback to see what they like :slight_smile:


:monster: Behemoth with the jade or elite skin


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Doesn’t fit the category, that’s all.


Oh alright ;-; I just like the sound of feedback ;-;


Toss up between val and hank.

Best monster skin is cosmic kraken.


Sorry, mate. Just trying to keep things clean. :+1:


You’re just doing your thing. It’s all good :blush:


I think my favorite character is bucket. I have the elite skin for him, but it really doesn’t make a difference what he wears… he brings the ballsy bright yellow to battle.


Goliath. Bog, cosmic, and voodoo skin are my top choices.


Torn between Cabot and Wraith…So difficult…


Dat Rail gun/canon/rifle tho…

Edit: @MidnightRoses joke fail on my part.


Date what now?


Torvald. The things I would do to him pre-cyborg…

Ahem. Elite skin…I guess?

The only skin I’ve considered buying is the Behemoth Jade skin. That thing looks gorgeous.


Monster: Wraith - savage, elite, gold

Hunters: Slim-elite & Lazurus-elite


Wraith- Elite, Carnivore, Default.

Cabot- Elite, Tempest, Nordita.