What is your fastest Evolve match?


What was the fastest game you have ever had in an Evolve game?

I just had a game on nest where I ended the match in 1:40 as a Kraken with a minion Goliath.
Watch here
Note: This is the third game of evac after I won the last two as the monster so the hunters also had a damage reduction or increase (still not sure which one you get after losing in evac).

However, my fastest game was as the hunters and a Wraith on defend rushed us and started attacking the turrets while we laid waste to his health. The match lasted about 1:20.

So instead I ask what was your fastest game as the hunters and what is your fastest game as the monster. Also, if you have anything to say about my video feel free to comment. :smile:


My fastest fighting game was with my competitive team against a level 5 goliath. He tried to run at stage one but with Caira’s speed boost we caught him, domed him, and killed him in about 1:30. It was more sad than anything, that poor noob…


I think I had a game similar to this but as soon as we caught him he just gave up and died. I don’t really count it as much of win though because he just stopped trying.


Wiped the hunters in 1:35 with post 1.3 wraith. I think they thought they had an easy kill because of the speed nerf, downed 3 with the best placed warp blast I’ve ever pulled off. They dropped my armour so I started to run, they were chasing all grouped up and as the ran round the corner I was less than .5 seconds from exploding. They were all injured from the fight and dropped instantly leaving the trapper as last man standing. It didn’t last long after that.


My fastest has been 1:20 I think. Maybe even faster then that I remember having one with 1:12 or so but I cant remember for sure.


I’ve won under 2 minutes a bunch of times as kraken

3 points in aftershock, stand under drop ship, aftershock as soon as they touch the ground, focus the medic down, then gg


Shortest monster run today 1:32 wraith is evil games end before 5 mins each time


53 seconds. We dropped in and the Wraith disconnected, so we just melted her.

I would say about 8 of those seconds were contemplating letting the A.I. take over and give us a real fight.



1:43 kraken on nest
1:56 hunters against a goliath that disconnected


That’s not a real win… Plus if you’re killing a afk or disconnected monster you could probably kill it in 30 sec or so with a good assault and Cabot.


The topic is fastest Evolve match…not fastest legit kill.

That would be 1:28. Guy dropped in on Armory and ran into a Nomad. We caught it getting smacked around.


That’s true but still I wouldn’t consider it as a “win” in my books. If you do that’s fine but personally I wouldn’t.

And seeing a monster struggling to kill wildlife is one of the funniest things in evolve :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I never said I considered it a win. Not once did I say that.

The topic is about my “fastest Evolve match.”


Approx 3mins on Hunt.
Under 3mins on Nest.

I don’t know about the other modes.




Fastest overall? According to the post game replay, 11 seconds. Loaded up the dropship animation, and the “Hunters win!” Message popped up before it even went to first person. No idea what happened.


lol pretty sure that happens when the monster just runs outside of the map for whatever reason or maybe he glitched through the world :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Well that beats my lazy match :stuck_out_tongue: I waited for hunters to drop so I could end the round. Popped in to a Kraken bot on match start and just waited. Hank shot me in the face until I died which took about a minute I guess since assault just kept jumping circles around me.

Earlier in the morning I dropped into a behemoth bot that was walking in circles around 2 of the carnivorous monkey things without attacking LoL Just waited for hunters to come and kill me. I’m not wasting efforts on potential glitchy matches if the AI bots are doing stuff like that :stuck_out_tongue:


My fastest match was 0 min and 12 sec. We were in the dropship, Laz said one line of dialogue, then the ‘Hunters win!’ banner showed and the dropship left.


1:13 seconds, we spawned on an afk Goliath. Orbital + Val’s Weakpoints + Hyde’s Constant DPS + Griffin’s Gun = Death