What is Your Current Rank Platform


I kinda wanna form an index of player ranks for people who go on here and speak their mind. That way we can better understand how rank and platform influences beliefs about OPness and such. I’m a silver expert monster and a silver skilled Hunter on Xbox one. If you don’t play ranked ever write “quick play hero” or something. Also, this isn’t a duck measuring contest feel it’s just interesting to see how rank or skill level influences opinion.


Silver Elite, PS4.


Could ya put your monster level too.


I’m not sure how “rank” defines someone’s skill or how justified they are to speak about balancing issues. Rather the amount of hours and matches they have played make more sense.

This is more to avoid some lucky shot who got to Silver Elite but only played 20 matches vs a player who has more than 150 matches but is still stuck at Bronze Elite/Destroyer (and climbs slowly up with +1/2 every match)


PS4 is my platform.
Hunter: Bronze Master, 41 games played, 13 won, 28 lost
Monster: Silver Skilled, 102 games played 81 won, 21 lost

Should we pin this?


Gold skilled
So close to gold expert >.<


1,600 games in at hunter, 200 as monster. Better?


Gosh that’s a lotta Hunter games.


I mean matches or hours may be accurate but rank really is a good ball park. Frankly, 150 matches should keep you in bronze if you started the game that way. It takes a long time to be good at this game. Also, rank determines the kind of competition you play against. I’ve never seen a good bronze monster. I’ve lost to one before, but that was mostly when I wasn’t very good. As monster, I don’t really struggle against silver skilled or below, but silver expert and above are good hunters. I don’t really think there’s much of a difference between a silver expert and gold skilled hunter. However, few poor hunters stay in that range for long. I hear lots of people talk about how they only play with pubs and they could be good individual hunters. However, you can’t really be good or get better in this game without a team.


What’s a pin?


Just an FYI, that this shouldn’t become an elitist topic. EVERYONE has the right to their opinion of the game and it’s balance regardless of rank or the number of games played.


Like I said “not a duck measuring contest”. I think it tells you a lot about why someone would say a certain thing. If you’re bronze and you say behemoth is OP I get it. If you’re gold and you say EK is easy whatever, it’s your call. If it goes in the wrong direction, feel free to shut it down. I’m just curious.


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I read it, just wanted to make sure to reiterate it. :thumbsup:


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Sure then why not?


Hunter: Silver Master.

Monster: Determining.


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That being said:

Platform: XB
Hunter: Silver Expert/Master (flip-flop between the two)
Monster Silver Skilled Scrublord

Platform: PC
Hunter: DR
Monster: DR


I hate ranked. I can kite and juke monsters all day, but I end up with shit teams.

Bronze 4 (been awhile since I played ranked, but I’m 2 points from bronze 5)

I have ~80 games with 40 wins, and 40 loses due to 10 hour players and Laz Fanboys… I was originally placed in Silver Skilled… I hate ranked…

Quickplay is where most of the fun is at.



Bronze Elite with about 180 games played, 120 won and 60 lost (most of these were from the beginning days where I was learning).

Bronze Master (only 20 games played), I don’t even “try” to get higher as queuing with “determining rank”/new people in general, just will keep giving me losses. Not to mention the time when I have to wait for when a team has finally gathered to start playing

Just as @XplosionIncorporated before me said, QP as Hunter/Monster and occasionally Monster in Ranked.