What is wrong with the devs?


Obvisioly its not an exploit that Sunny can place shield in air.

The devs are making gambraking things over and over again. plz make the game more unblanced and more things to exploit.


I really hate it when the game is braken and unblanced.


I really hate it when the game is Kraken


I’m replying to myself


Problem is that these changes take coding to fix. Coding takes time. Mistakes can make things even worse! So they test and test and test to make sure that it meets their needs, and will not physically break the game.

As far as balance: The new characters really brought out combinations that were unexpected, and moved win/loss in interesting and unintended ways. I agree with you it’s taking too long, but micropatches are supposed to come out every 2 weeks… to help with these things.


^ This guy has the patience to type out a solid response instead of replying to his own comments like some people.



If you feel that there are issues, please bring them up in a constructive manner in the many threads on the forum. Creating a thread titled the way that you did and with your post doesn’t promote constructive criticism.