What is wrong with me!


I just got far cry 4 on Thursday, hoping to play it until evolve comes out but then… I finished it today!!! What the hell am I supposed to do now!!!
P.S. Far cry 4 is amazing and you guys should totally get. Funny as hell at some points.


Play it again, but this time just wingsuit around looking at pretty mountains?


Ok, next minute, a tiger follows me using a glider, or a eagle decides to attack me. *sigh, a million ways to die in far cry 4


There you go! Find a million ways to die in FC4. Should keep you occupied.


Couldn’t Finnish FC 4, I just didn’t have that far cry moment where I’m just blown away like far cry 2 and 3. First person in GTA has me spoiled.


Ok thanks.


Don’t actually do that. You’ll be bored soon. Just try and calm yourself, don’t think about Evolve- as difficult as that may be. Watch a funny movie, or a scary movie, or sleep, go to a party, get a GF/BF/TF, whatever. Just avoid Evolve up until there are a few hours left.


Ok, got a girlfriend, too young to go to a party, about to sleep soon, and now I’m gonna think about jurassic world instead.


I’m looking forward to that movie as well. Seems great, but then I’ve never watched a dinosaur movie before.


Just spend the next x hours to release with your girlfriend so she’s fine with you spending the rest of your life with your one true love… Evolve

Two birds one stone


Did you collect everything? :wink:

And I agree, FC4 is a brilliant game!


By the time you’ve collected everything in that game there’s already a 5th monster released in Evolve :smiley:


I loved the mission in FC3 where you burned down all the weed while rasta music was playing. Is there something similar in FC4? :smiley:


Kind of, there are 2 characters which keep drugging you before you have to do a mission for them.
But I liked the ‘trippy’ missions in FC3 alot more than the ones in FC4


Yeah. It’s the first game that actually seems to reflect drugged state genuinely a realistically.

Not that I would know of course.

Though GTA5’s “Did someone say yoga” mission was a blast also :smiley:


Check out VALLEY OF GWANGI – Greatest. Dinosaur movie. Ever.


If you want to watch a dinosaur movie, do not ever watch the dinosaur city movie that’s gonna come out, I saw the trailer and it sucks.
Watch the three jurassic park movies, there are before jurassic world, and if you want, read the jurassic park books


How can you tell if it sucks by the trailer? Just asking, lol. Some people do have a nose for bad movies.

I’m probably going to watch those movies. Eventually, I guess…


Rust me, bad special effects and the dinosaurs look awful, if you watch the trailer you would probably say SHARKNADO!!! Bit there is no sharks…or tornado. Basically people are saying this is what jurassic world will be if jurassic world didn’t have any money.


Sharknado was hilarious.