What is Wraith's power?

it makes no sense to me that:
Goliath = Fire/Strength
Kraken = Dark energy formed into electricity
Behemoth = Lava/Earth

but i haven’t been able to wrap my head around wraith
She can boost herself, she can explode on impact or take hunters away in the shadows and the she can spit herself in two?

@SlabOMeat @MacMan

Teleporation. That’s what the Wraith Trap map is about at least so I think that’s how the developers view it. That’s also what I get from Defend as well, they use the wraith to develop short range teleportation technology.

i just read something that said its power was to deceive. but doesn’t seem like a power but more like a tactic

The void.
She uses the void.


i like that but may i ask where you got the info?

From a dev, but it was a while ago.
So don’t ask me for a quote because I won’t ever find it. :stuck_out_tongue:

its okay i wont lol



Their abilities defy classification and challenge mankind’s understanding of the nature of the universe.

Goliath: Fire
Kraken: Electricity
Wraith: Void
Behemoth: Earth



supernova - alters spacetime speeding the wraith and slowing the hunters
warp blast - tearing under the fabric of space/time and tearing out of it.
decoy- quickly jumping from one position to another so quickly that it resembles a mirror image of the wraith.



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I think wraith can Jump through Cherkenhov (?something like that?) space. A bit like the Warp from WH40K. It’s the same thing spaceships travel through, and the source of the portal/light thingy at the start of the main trailer.

Warp Blast: Wraith entering from C-space with force, blasting people away.
Supernova: Wraith doing something weird to her particles, allowing her to slow down time around her.
Abduction: like warp blast, but more stealthy
Decoy: an exact molecular copy of Wraith, summoned from C-space

I think :confused:

i love everyone’s theory’s so much :slight_smile:

Wow, I really liked all the characters, but now that I realized they’re poke’mon I feel terrible.

Void and Earth are not pokemon types.

Synonymous with psychic and ground I suppose

More or less synonymous with Ghost than Psychic.

Theoretical but pretty Pseudo-sciencey at this point - Warp Drive like technology.

I remembered one of the chracters made a Star Trek like reference, but I forgot who. Might have been Caira or Bucket?

I believe she is void if I’m not mistaken. I remember reading that somewhere on the forums a while back .