What is up with the penalty in hunt 2.0

If I lag out of a match (that I’m winning mind you) I should not get an automatic loss and lose 20 points and then get a time penalty of 255 seconds! Why the hell does it do that for being disconnected. I understand if you leave obviously but disconnecting isn’t my fault. I can’t control that. Isn’t there a better system than this?

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It’s probably not possible to really differentiate such things. Which is unfortunate, seeing how often the servers f’ up.

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Other games can tell the difference. They should be able to tell the difference of an abrupt disconnect and a player leaving compared to someone pausing and going to leave game

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My opinion is that you have to make absolutely sure you are able to fix all related bugs and quirks before you implement a mechanic that punishes players who paid to play your game.

Again, this is just my opinion. I am aware of this being a subject where people will have varying opinions about.

But if you ask me? As a developer, if you can’t make 100% sure (yes, 100%!) that your “punishing mechanic” will never punish even 1 player who doesn’t deserve it and did nothing wrong, then don’t implement a punishing mechanic at all. Figure out an alternative.


I agree with this 100%

Playing with a team and one of the members net kicked him when he came back couldn’t join which was suppose to be the new things only way to get into in game was someone had to invite during the match, but he was dc’ed earlier and now his wait time 3,300 seconds, he not gonna boot the game up for months now I know it

Don’t think I’ve ever seen a game that can truly say that

I just had another one where the screen blacked out at character select and I got another loss and a 867 second penalty. This is really stupid, it’s really turning me off to the whole game

Absolutely correct. Plus, if you think about the players that really invest time to rank up, just
to loose it again due to blackscreen, dashboarding etc. It’s ridiculous. Hard to understand
for people with common sense how anyone can take ranked hunt mode serious.

I have been disconnected soo many times due to the game crashing on Windows 10 that I am below low on the rating charts. I had to leave the game open and watch some tv to let the timer clear at one point. So I fully agree they need to fix these things a bit.