What is up with Goliath's jump?


Since the last update his junk seems really wonky. Is it just me?

That forum moment when

Fighting Goliath’s, I’ve seen some of them jump literally straight up in the air several times. Or try to jump, and slide around the map. ^.-

That what you mean?
Lots of different things I see Goliath’s do when they jump, that looks ridiculous.


O.o Ohhh myyyy


I tend not to look at his junk so I wouldn’t know. :smile:

Seriously though I haven’t noticed anything strange with his jump at all.


Gah, ninjas >_>
On topic…he definitely has some serious probs with his jumps, jumpin straight up, rocketing around the dome, not jumping at all.
Bit wonky


Lol. Damn auto correct…


Every one blames auto correct but we all know the truth mwahahaha. I haven’t noticed any wonkiness outside the norm except I get catapulted more often out of control.


Yeah I find my self at times just going straight up into the air.


I end up jumping straight up in the air when I hit a tree or the side of something right as I start the leap. It’s quite annoying too when I’m trying to get away. I often wonder what the hunters are thinking when that happens and how big of a fool I look like.


Auto correct expresses your true thoughts though ^.^


Yeah his junk i mean jump is really wonky


Youve had a taste of skywraith
Twas only a matter of time before there was sky goliath.


yeah happened to me too, was stuck in the air for ~2 sec and the hunters were right behind me. Like Hydrawolf said must look pretty funny for the hunters. (wasn’t that funny for me lost 1 1 /2 healthbar there sadly)


I actually played vs a sky Behemoth today, his pounces must’ve caused it though. He woul fly up like crazy jumping on and with hunters into the air. Sometimes half a map away.



Shut it, Takei!