What is triple A?


What is a triple A game?
Are all triple A games made by the illuminati?

I hear a lot of talk about how evil the developers of triple A games are, for example on Jimquisition, which is basically a fat angry brit ranting on how game sales practices have grown more and more evil and that you and i, as gamers, are basically pigs at the trough.

Not a very sympathetic image is it? neither towards developers nor gamers.

What do you guys think is a triple A game and is there something inherently wrong with a game being triple A?

And does “triple A” signify anything at all or is it a phrase like “Millenium” or “Zen”


If you see a commercial for it on tv, its AAA. AAA games aren’t evil or bad, its just that they tend to market the most popular game style for a genre. For example, the most popular form of shooter today by far is a military style tactical shooter, so most AAA FPS games are military shooters.


Triple A games are games made by large publishers who can provide lots of funding for giant dev teams. They tend to be large franchises with big marketing budgets. People are wary of them because the publishers value profit above all else, and will throw quality, functionality, and their fan base under the bus if necessary.


Basically EA, Activision (sometimes),Blizzard (starting to),2k (as you can see) and others but you get the idea


Triple A is an insurance agency that provides coverage for things like homes, cars, and life insurance.

Oh yeah and something about large game publishers.

but mostly insurance.


But isn’t it a trend that game developers start to think of “post release development/balance” as a sort of two way process in which gamers are actually supposed to habe a say.

So how is the fan base thrown under the bus i don’t see it yet.


The producer will be like," since fall is coming up, and the next wave of CoD and BF is coming soon, just release what you have now, patch it later, and take those two feature and release them as DLC for 15$ in a month."

That’s sort of an example of how triple A games are made and released. It’s not always like that, but last fall was a good example of what you get when triple A producers just decide that well but what they sell and release crap.


Oh so you’re arguing in the direction that AAA can’t afford to take “risks” due to it being a large stakeholder business? (eg too many “cooks” spoil the dish)

But then again Alien Isolation is a AAA game and made somewhat unpractial demands on the player throughout.

Isn’t almost anything AAA these days? I mean production values have risen in the whole industry, meaning it is a must to hire mocap actors, script writers etc and license a powerful engine.

I notice that games habe become a bit more mainstream, i basically don’t appreciate very much if gamers are too much involved in the development process, because guess . . .

Gamers don’t know how to MAKE games.

The only thing i can sy about a game in the end is whether it’s good or bad. And i think there a AAA games who are actually bad. So the term doesn’t mean anything to me beyond " oh this is SUPPOSED to be good "



Triple A title is supposed to mean a well-rounded game.

Meaning: Have everything.Graphics-Music-Dialogues-Marketing-many more

Lets say Triple A=Hollywood

Different example,Minecraft is a very played game by millions.Its not a triple A tho.
Evolve is a much more less played game but it is Triple A title.Graphics,voice actors and so on…Hope you get the point


lots of $ for developing and promoting


Gamer history lesson here.

The term triple A goes back to the early 90’s with Nintendo. Nintendo started doing a seal of approval process in which the game was heavily tested for bugs in the software. Although unheard of prior to this point, Nintendo only gave the seal of approval to glitch free games, if the game got a seal it got decent marketing.(mario, legend of zelda are good example). Publishers noted that games released with this seal sold exponetial more games.

Fast forward nearly a decade. Game developers start to borrow the academic grading system a-f to grade the quality of games internally. Que Sony and their video game level completion utelizing the a-f grades. I dont remember the game but it was a fighting game marketed heavily, the highest rank you could get was TRIPLE A. So, game reviewers called it a 5/5, triple a game.

The term became used shortly after to denote a high quality game with large budgets and relatively high marketed game. That sells at the highest acceptible pricepoint at time of release.

Sadly, I wish triple a ment bug free like nintendo wanted to… Anyways, it’s an industry staple now and has a couple mentions with it. A cult following game that wasnt marketed well is a b-rating(in refrence to b rated movies, though this term has fallen out of favor). Minecraft or shovel knight for example. Also, most noticible, it seems that only triple A games have a shot at GoTY. This is due to quality of graphics, gameplay & if you guessed marketing (give yourself a cookie) of the game itself.

Pubblishers strive for the tripple A rating because GoTY editions bring in a large spike to sales for a game that shouldve devalued prior to the award.

In short, stupid amounts of money. Destiny’s 500million dollar budget contract is a perfect example of this.


A game with a bloated budget in most cases.


AAA are really large games.

They get all the hate becuase big budgets = “unfair” advantage.


Triple A Games are games being produced by a studio with a certain amount of funding from a publisher, if memory serves.

Yeah, no. :stuck_out_tongue: Sometimes they can have questionable practices, often influenced by a higher-up or a publisher. All triple A devs are not evil. They’re people too. They do as asked, when asked, to keep themselves fed.

And do not listen to Jimquisition. VERY unsavory individual…


Okay, now I admit you’re a caring individual, I would have to swear when describing the guy.


I only swear when I’m drunk. Which…happens a lot of late, but apart from that, I don’t like to swear, I find it…foolish. :stuck_out_tongue:


i don’t think that any of them is evil. You’re right the production / creative process can get disrupted by higher-ups, and the result is a buggy game or a watered down art direction, trying to catering to everyone.

For example in Destiny: earth maps look like a tactical halo-like shooter, the moon looks like something a sci-fi fan would enjoy and anything that has to do with the hive is straight onto the plate of fantasy folks.
Also the characters look like a sort of sniper (hunter), future soldier (titan) or wizard (warlock).
They just try to cover all the bases.

What really starts to bug me is things like Sunset Overdrive, trying to capitalise on a weird idea of a combination of very distinct and incompatible audiences. So there are no rules in this game, but oh you HAVE to grind on purple cables somebody just hung around the whole damn city because shooting down from up there is more “stylish”.
And then they hired a “comedy advisor” (seriously it says so in the credits) to make you feel big as your punk rock dude avatar makes fun of geeky college students and Larpers, because you know, they’re so uncool getting an education or doing stuff outside, compared to a person wearing a wolf head and grinding cables without a skateboard like a fucking organ grinder’s monkey because the developers told him that THAT was cool. And the comedy advisor tells you that this is funny. /sarcasm

I have nothing against titles like Destiny or Titanfall and think they really brought innovation to console, despite all the hate they got.
But if developers start catering to a sort of group that doesn’t exist outside of a fucking flip chart at which some smirky guy is waving a stick (a punk rocker playing video games, comon) then it’s really starting to get annoying. Of course catering to the whole audience of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater AND Serious Sam alike would be a marketing guy’s dream, but those are very different people and trying to do so is a way of disrespecting both, imho.

Drink responsibly ^^
Oh I only swear in a sentence where others punctuate and it works for me
Don’t worry about me listening to Jimquisition, because I don’t. He’s always angry, but for the wrong reasons


Thanks man, learned something right there.

I think Nintendo has been and is in a different league when it comes to quality (absence of bugs) A Nintendo game with bugs is something i cannot even imagine.

Do you think that the 500 million dollars show in destiny?

I personally think that the money was well invested. The core mechanics of the game are astronomical: the controls, the persistency of your statistics and such things as public events where basically a very complex matchmaking process is completely done in the background without even interrupting the game.

I read that expecially the raw power of the infrastructure of the game is something unparalleled now in the game industry and something other developers are a tad jealous of. For example all four versions of the game are kept on one central platform and the bandwith they provide to such a large playerbase is nothing short of a technological achievement.

I also liked that quality is stringently put before quantity. The addons are small indeed but they are rock solid.


Marketing the most popular product has nothing to do with risk. Every company has a set of standard products and special products, they take risks with the specials. Alien Isolation is original, but it also somewhat falls on defenceless-horror-game bandwagon in terms of overall style.

A big company will tend to market towards whats popular. Recently, in fps, this has been looting/RPG elements, tactical style gameplay, and military settings. If youre an old quake/arena shooter player like me, none of these are too appealing except maybe the loot/rpg elements. That doesnt mean i hate them, im just not interested in their products.


I like your point triple A = hollywood

But I hesitate to grant that this analogy really holds.
Because I think hollywood blockbusters are expected to work as a “social event”, thus the term, they should bust a block. A good blockbuster should both thrill and be exciting and have some gags in it. Cinema is something that brings people together, as the clichée has it.
with gaming I’ m not so sure. Especially because in cinema you can root for an actor, in gaming that is not possible, it is less grounded in reality.

Thus it is not so sure what is expected from a “blockbuster” video game. Because there is less consensus on what the expectations are I guess there is less consensus on what actually is a good blockbuster game.

I guess no one would question that Star Wars, Titanic, Transformers or Lord of the Rings are examples of blockbuster films.

But what is an example of a blockbuster game?