What is this?


How come every time that I get into character selection, see that I’m not a class I want to be, and leave, I get penalized!! Why should this happen.

“Oh, just switch with someone.” HA! Got you! I can’t because no one will switch with me!

What do you guys think? Should people get a penalty for leaving during character selection, or not?


With the current matchmaking, I hate to break it to you that you will probably be placed into the same game as the one you left with 0 penalty.


Well yes. There are four hunters to choose from and I’m willing to guess atleast one other didn’t get the choise he/she wanted. I play both medic and support on the hunter side, but don’t mind trapper nor assault.
Point is, you don’t always get what you want. Be flexible.


Once you are at the character select screen you are a part of that game and as such if you leave you get the 60 second penalty. This is not likely to change.


If you didnt get a penalty everyone would leave as soon as some chooses a annoying character to fight Cough Maggie & Daisy Cough