What is this Slim Exploit I keep Hearing About?


I keep hearing about a slim exploit and this is the reason he cannot be used in the tournament but Im not actually what the exploit actually does or is?


For obvious reasons we won’t be disclosing that information until the exploit is solved. All you need to know is that it was a gamebreaking exploit which is easily replicated. :slight_smile:


What you do is you have to go through various steps that include 1. Slim Jim 2. Hands

What you are gonna want to do is put your Hands on the Slim Jim opposite to eachother and then just snap it and boom instant exploit. I cant believe how it hasnt been looked at before.

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You, me or anyone else who does not know about the exploit, will not know about the exploit, because it is an exploit that you, me or anyone else can use to win games. And that is just not fun for those who are on the losing side of the exploit.

Ya dig?

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@MidnightRoses can we know what it did just not how to do it? I’m genuinely curious


Increases healing output by a lot apprently

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Sorry folks, nothing to discuss.