Ive seen 3 glitches in evolve so far so i will tell you in the order of most to least relevant IMO

  1. In the beginning of an evac series if a monster wins, instead of him having more killed humans than saved hunters the hunters boost all the way to the 1900’s in saved hunters and monster doesn’t even leave the first bar. Proof in this video watch the first day and the glitch comes up
  2. On the last day of evac the stage 3 goliath on a defend map (kings fort or salveron) he gets stuck in the first doorway making it unwinable for the monster because he is stuck in the ground and cant move. (i dont really have anything to show but i allows the hunters to sit and rip away your health.)
    FOR THE FINAL GLITCH (which i hope doesnt get removed heheh)
  3. Monster starts with full armor…
    food falling through the earth.
    incapped hunters falling through the bottom of tyrant pools.
    dropship not dropping hunters and just leaving the map.
    Monsters get stuck in attack animations.
    So yeah if anyone see this. Know the glitches are out there.
    @MacMan @SlabOMeat @DamJess @Chloe


In Defend you mean? That is a balance change included in the last hotfix.


Oh really i had NO idea it feels op to me even as a huge monster player because if i lose all my armor i can run back and get full armor form the wildlife all over again. ALSO something in the same video i posted @SomewhatAwesome gets stuck in a dome on nest and the hunters leave through a portal allowing them to take out the last egg while the monster cant escape. I dont know if that is a glitch but that definitely seems unfair.


Haha yeaaaah that caught me off guard @MacMan caution strong language :stuck_out_tongue:


In the video, is that a new animation? I’m not sure because I don’t play monster on Evac