What is This Button?


That little square with the pencil in it, what is it? It’s new to the Forums, I think, and when I touch it my whole comment goes green.


Turns your post into a wiki that other regulars can edit. I will not have a crack at it! I don’t like crack. Drugs are bad, mkay… WANNA GET


yu c, you can edit it lik dis pardner #Rapt4Prez

Torvald was here


Have a crack at it.


Huh. I interesting.


Apparently Mods can touch it too. @MaddCow


While good in theory, it can be easily abused. We’re still discussing it among the moderators on how we would like to handle it. Personally, I’m all for having a rank between regular and leader that has access. Like, datakeeper or purveyor of intelligence gathering etc…


These are the days I miss being a Regular.


Plaff did a test on the test thread. It didn’t get used much but I can see how it would be useful for updating a topic.


Yup, lots of good applications, we’re just not 100% sure we want to let everyone have access. It is great for topics that can’t be edited after 30 days as well as databases that change information enough to warrant changes.


idk I’m not a regular


I’d end up using it for my short stories. I like adding things in sometimes.
There once was a Tyrant, named Phillip.
I’m having to much fun with this.
He lived on a farm with @RickSanchez.
Rick became very weary of Phillip. He was worried he would eat Morty. Or sit on him accidentally.
Phillip knew his concerns and took them to heart.
So he prayed to Pharaoh
That it may rain many bagels that day


CIG9 Operator


I feel like im one of the people who was part of the topic

the Index Megathread has had it for a while. no one has messed with it. however, only a few realized it was a wiki for us to edit xD


This is a very serious situation that should be handled delicately.


I say go ahead and make another rank/title. I’ll get there. Eventually.


Between Regular and Leader; the Irregulars.
Like Regulars. But stranger.
I need this new title.

The rip-off thread

why not Sliders? they just slider between the two ranks…

and the reference if ya get it.


Veteran? How does that sound. I think I like the sound of it.


We first have to get permission to create the new title, if it’s possible and add it through discourse. It’s a process otherwise I would have done it myself :stuck_out_tongue:


I like Veteran a lot. I was thinking change the name of Leaders to Overlords, and make the title between them Leaders. But that’s probably to flashy and complicated, hahaha. XD