What is the wraith combo you use to down hunters?

I haven’t used Abduct too much going mostly WB, SN and Decoy. Practicing vs bots I’ve tried abducting then WBing right afterwards but quite often the hunter is out of range by the time WB goes off. So what is your combo?

Abduct -> air heavy-> WB-> air heavy and focus a little and they’re down.

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Take a bit of time to aim your wb

I usually stay away from Abduction until Stage 2 after which I put a couple points in it. After a successful Abduction I usually Supernova the shiaz out of the abductee. I find that works better than Warp Blast for me.

Also, I find Supernova is a good counter to Slim’s Spore Cloud, because if the Hunters try to hide in the Spore Cloud they get julienned, so at the very least they’ll try to go outside your Supernova radius, thus becoming visible again.

Abduct pretty much gurantees your next hit will be a heavy attack since when aiming it you rise into the air, so you can abduct, heavy, tumble the Hunter, Warp Blast, Supernova and almost guarantee a down provided they don’t get shielded or healded.

You can detonate your warp blast early by pressing the key you’ve binded it to again after you’ve activated the attack.

Abduct —> Heavy —> Warp Blast —> Super Nova

This is almost always a kill

My build at stage 2 is 3 Warp 1 Abduct 2 Super Nova. They key to abduct is aim a little high as you grab them with your feet.

Cool thanks guys, will practice the combo with bots some.

Abduct and Warpblast work best for me. That’s all I usually need for a team wipe.

I stage up to 3 and take Supernova if I have to.

Have they fixed abduction’s hit box?

traversal close, short range abduct, warpblast, traversal, supernova

Abduct > heavy melee > warp blast >keep meleeing if I can
A> him> wb> supernova as I wb…

Occasionally if I feel like throwing the game away I’ll use decoy with 1pt, or when I really want to throw the game away I’ll go three decoy three supernova or warp blast. If hunters loose to super nova decoy they deserved it because I’d you were to commit to a fight the would’ve died just as fast.

So what are the S2 builds you guys use for Abduct, SN and WB? 3 WB, 1 Abduct, 2 SN?

I don’t usually go for SN since it isn’t all that good against higher level players. Usually I go with two points into decoy at s2 because, if used right, (not spammed) it allows for a fair repositioning ability and allows to get an attack from adifferent agnle to surprise them.

I don’t know though, I should try out the other combos that you guys have suggested to him because it sounds to be decent.

Just saying, decoy is not that bad of an ability if used correctly. It sucks if you actually want it to attack someone, but it allows for brief chance to re-position.

Abduct, heavy, pounce (to bring them close again) warp blast and SN to mop up if they’re on level-ish ground.

I don’t find Supernova all that useful.

For the most part, I’ll use it to catch Laz or the Support if they cloak.

S1 - 2 Warp, 1 Abduct (large stages with long sightlines)
1 Warp, 1 Abduct, 1 Decoy

S2 - 3 Warp, 1 SN

S3 - put a point in the rest

The classic abduct-heavy-wb into sn/heavy combos.

Also heavy-wb-abduct-heavy into sn/heavy combos.

Still use 3 wb-2 abduct-1 sn since points into abduct reduce its cooldown and abduct is key to keeping pressure on a hunter.

Sometimes i use 3-1-1-1 if i put 1 point into decoy at the beginning of the game.