What is the worst gaming company you've ever had to deal with?


So, the people that work for trs are helpful, provide regular content, and tend to not make the game pay to win. So this thread is for sharing experiences of gaming companies that were the opposite of that.

My worst experience with a gaming company is probably kabam studios.

Edit: the reason kabam is so bad is because of a game called realm of the mad god that I used to play when I was alot younger. It’s sort of a rogue like permedeath massive co op game. Kabam bought it out after a while and made it completely pay to win. Also, when some people found a glitch to duplicate items, instead of fixing the problem and punishing those responsible, they completely removed the item (which most people got legitimately through spending alot of in game currency) and also banned anyone with that item for an entire year. And thsee are just 2 of the examples of how bad they are, there are numerous other incidents just like this.


Definitely 2k (sports) games and WB games oh my god is their customer service awful


Can’t say I’ve ever really played sports games, but I’ve definitely heard things about 2k.


I was going to say something about them, but I didn’t want to include them without knowing if they were actually considered a gaming company. From the way I’ve seen 2K handle Evolve alone, they seem to be a shit company. I feel like TRS would be better off with someone else, but that’s from someone who’s very uneducated about how game studios and sponsorships/publications work.


i’ve had several pain in the ass situations with Blizzard in order to recover accounts. my dad went to recover his Starcraft 2 account and they required a photo of his DL to verify it was him to override the authenticator. however, he hasnt driven in about 18years from accident and because he never drove again, his DL expired and they wouldn’t accept it. The image of the DL he sent was of him holding his DL next to his face…

and EA has some weird “install” limit on some of their games. like if you install a game, it auto-authorizes on the servers. so if you say, wipe your computer for bug issues without unauthorizing it through their system, it will show up as 1 install. they have a limit of 5. so after installing it on 3 computers and my own computer multiple times (from failed harddrives) over the years, it wont install after the 5th time.

i didnt know that until after the fact and there was no way of unauthorizing it since it didnt remain on the computers at the time.


If we’re talking about customer support? I haven’t dealt with much but Steam definitely has the worst in my experience. Primarily due to the fact that it is nonexistent.


i think its anything in general involving a game company. like my blizzard issue was with CS, but my EA issue was with a stupid install restriction that isn’t on the packaging


Surprisingly enough Microsoft had the best customer support. Considering I was able to be connected to an actual person in real time over messaging to solve an issue with my console.

Then there’s Steam who has very strict rules for refunds and very slow replies on issues.

For example: Had my steam account hijacked back in February or so of last year, it took nearly a full two months for Steam to even give me a response other than “***Here’s a checklist, make sure you do all this then we’ll work on getting it back.***”


sounds like me and runescape/jagex a few years back…


Outside of TRS I ha e never had to contact customer support and I have never contacted customer support for TRS either other than talking about bug fixes here.


EA games. I bought Lord of the Rings: Conquest for Xbox 360. I loved playing online multiplayer and the game was advertised with having online multiplayer (on the game case in the back). EA or whoever decided to just shut down the online servers, so no more online multiplayer. I’ve never even heard of such fuckery (pardon my language).


Oh yeah, I remember I got my account stolen on runes cape one time and it took months to get back.


Surprisingly enough Steam support is probably one of the better gaming companies I’ve had to deal with when it comes to problems.

Blizzard? Not so much.


For support cases: 2K. They did NOTHING for me back when Evolve had level reset issues. I earned everything back myself. I’m still pissed about it.

As a company: EA with what they’ve done to series I loved.


Yea. It’s better now though thankfully. Just sucks because I really didn’t feel like grinding everything again xD


Not to say anything, but I do believe that 2K offered at one point some compensation for this by giving you the choice of what level you would like to restart again.


I was past my original level by the time that was offered weeks later. My point stands: NOTHING.


Had some major problems with Hi-Rez studios. They required me to make a new account after I hadn’t played smite for about 5 months and i lost so many characters. Thing was, I used the same email, so I guess they just deleted my old account. I tried to get some tech support for it, but it’s so convoluted. When I did figure out how to get some help, I never got a response. Feels bad man.


When I pre-ordered a copy of Watch Dogs from Ubisoft’s online store they debited my account but then lost the item in the post. They couldn’t figure out what happened to it (or just weren’t sharing that info) and it took me about 4 weeks after it released in store for them to finally give me a refund so I could go and grab it physically myself.

And this was only after I rang the Ubisoft Customer Support Team Supervisor in the UK from my address in New Zealand. Love their games but will never use their online store again. Safer to pre-order locally.


Can I say Microsoft? Recently I picked up retail copies of Bulletstorm and Dead Rising 2 for PC (they were cheap, why not) and I couldn’t get them to work. My experience with Microsoft consumer support is the worst I’ve ever had by a long shot. They talked around in circles and repeatedly gave me dead links to follow for help :confused: