What is The "Try Before you buy" on the trello board?

it seems like a thing that makes you try charcters for free before you buy them for a certain time i suppose its like this buy but imo i think it should be only in offline instead of multiplayer because it will make quantum caira or any future charcter unplayable because of the high number population of people prefering medic or the new charcter’s role if its multiplayer i suggest making it a reasonable number of matches with the charcter or reasonable Hours and 1 charcter per trying trial please. Thank you

Nope, probably you hit the buttom and you will get to try the character on a single match with bots… like every other game that have a “try before you buy” buttom. This thing you said about getting the character for free for certain time on multiplayer games is non sense

It’s offline, solo!


oh thanks for telling me

i was telling them my suggesting to not put it to multiplayer if they wont then they make the trial few hours

It’s in the new patch!
All characters and perks are unlocked and you can play them under Training > Hunt mode before you spend your Silver Keys :slight_smile: