What is the TRS stance on Steam groups holding tournaments?


@DamJess Hey i’ve been directed your way to ask about what the TRS stance is on competitions & tournaments ?

I have a Steam group called ‘Evolve Saturdays’ & we basically focus on trying to help people find others to play with or against. We’d like to hold some competitions & tournaments in the future & wondered whether TRS allowed this & whether they’d donate some small prizes for the winners. Mainly though we want to help people have fun with others & maybe add that competitive edge into the game. I, along with the members of the group, want Evolve to be a long lasting game.

If you need to contact me outside of the forum use evolvesaturdays@gmail.com

Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to give me on this.



I’ve checked your group and you guys are doing great so far. I guess it would be a better idea if you would PM Jess instead of creating a thread publicly. Good luck. :wink:


ok thank you for the response, you guys are so helpful. Keep up the good work.