What is the range of the smell ability? Does the range change to the amount of obstacles or wild life it picks up?


When playing as the Goliath, Kraken, or Wraith my first stage or stage one is the hardest to fight back against hunters. But I use my smell to my greatness amount. But sometimes when not finding any hunters worries me.

So my first question is: when activating smell do the structures that surround me shorten my radar? Does the wild life that I pick up also shorten my reach?

My second is that: If I am a Kraken who in mid fight uses smell do I get more range due to the fact that I am in the air?
Or when mid leaping or warping in the air give me more range for my smell ability?

My finally question is that does the Goliath because of him being the largest monster (until the Behemoth comes out) provide a much farther range of smell while the Wraith who is smaller and stealthier give a shorter smell range?

If anyone has guesses, experience, or actual facts please comment so other people can learn from this.


Nothing changes your size/shape/distance of smell. It is always the same unless you take the Sniff Perk before the map or get the elite perk that increases the range. All Monsters have the same smell range.


On defaut, about a 50 meters radius (100 meters from one side to the other) . I remember one of the devs mentioning it’s slightly lower than the mobile arena’s radius.