What is the purpose of Linking a 2K account?


So here was my original thought;

You link your accounts, so your progress can be shared among different formats.

Well, none of my unlocks have copied across to my recently acquired Xbone account, even though I have a cavalcade of stuff unlocked on my PC account. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I understand there is a need to separate DLC and the like from platform to platform (I have the Monster Race edition for PC and a Hunting Pass for Xbox + Behemoth DLC) but to lock the progress of characters already present in both systems?

Unlocking T2 / T3 hunters for the Xbox after doing it all for the PC just seems needlessly redundant and not exactly motivating me to play anything other than the T4 hunters that are already unlocked. (#SlimMasterRace)

So yeah. The 2K account really doesn’t do anything useful. I guess my question to the Devs is ‘why?’ Surely there is no harm in linking out unlocks and elite status on both platforms. DLC is one thing, but progress and achievements are both free and would help the players feel more integrated with the game and not wasting a time investment, perhaps.

All I ask is that we either get an explanation as to why, or the consideration of possibly changing the way it is done.


I think it’s partly for their own data collection, but I also think it makes it easier for them to give out the event skins, and to restore any progression you lost

The 2k account also let’s you use the app, and the game changer website


Again, it would be nice if it did something fundamentally useful to the players. I understand the app having some benefits, but it seems like a wasted opportunity to not have your progress unlocked across all three platforms.

I guess it just seems like a massive waste of potential cross-platform selling.