What is the purpose of 45 seconds in the lobby?


Right after searching for players, there’s a 45 second wait to enter the match, and every time someone leaves that lobby, the timer resets. I’m wondering what the purpose is for that lobby. It doesn’t seem to pre-load anything, and there’s no point discussing tactics when one of the five will be the monster. Is it just a 45 second grace period for people to change their minds? It’s really only mildly annoying, but, why live with a problem, no matter how minor, if you can fix it?

Suggestion: 10 seconds. Many MOBA’s have a 10 second timer to accept a match, this is pretty much the exact same idea.


I believe it is to decide which class you to wish pick.


Could be to not overflow the servers or something atm, or to discuss rolles if you’re premade. :slight_smile:


There’s a two minute lobby after the monster is decided where you can back out of your assigned class and switch with anyone else who backed out as well. Pre-mades won’t have to decide right away.


This needs a ready Button, before games and after games. After game map is nearly useless right now, what do these symbols mean? (yeah most of them i get now, but for new players it is unreadable), it is to fast and needs some controlls like rewind, pause and event history. maybe some global stats would be awesome like damage dealt, received, monster spotted and so on. kinda off topic just now, though…


I would like more time to review my progression stats.


At the same time though, since everyone is kept in the same party after a match, one person taking too long at the end screen can anger some people who just want to get onto the next match. Maybe if they took the extra thirty seconds from the first lobby and added it to the end lobby.


or maybe make an overlay menu in where you can watch progress anytime? and change controlls and stuff… no need to do this after the game.


In the last alpha, I had no problems seeing my replay as much as I wanted until the next match. I’m not entirely sure what changed, but now I almost never feel satisfied with it. I think it’s because it goes away the instant someone leaves the end game lobby.


The reason the 45 second wait is there is because it needs a 30 second window for the introduction videos. That’s right, remember when you first started? that vid was during the load.


No, not that lobby, I’m talking way before classes are assigned. Right after matchmaking sets 5 people together in the same lobby, where people can still drop out without a penalty.

Even if there was an overall, general introduction video there, they could place it right at the beginning of the game. Like, straight up, when you first hit play from the main screen. There’s no reason to slow everyone else down just to make sure the very first time players can watch their video.


Yes there is a lot of waiting. Once you find all players to fill a lobby a 45 sec count down starts. We then proceed to the next loading screen, which I like to call the Pre-loading screen. After this if we have any stragglers with their Windows 95 computers we’ll have a message on screen saying “Waiting for other players to load”. Once this has gone away we call all finally pick our perks! Alright everyone took their time and GO! Oh wait We’ve apparently forgotten to actually load in all the assets during the “Pre-loading screen” This is the actual loading screen now I promise! With an added limited time offer of bonus loading time for every new player you end up getting matched with!

While I’m making fun of the situation, I do hope Turtle Rock optimizes time spent waiting on loads and timers that shouldn’t be so long. Since it’s more or less the exact same since last Alpha. And tutoiral video loading is fine, I would rather have a first time player be at least somewhat informed if they were on my team than completely clueless even though it seems none of the pubbies that filled our 4th slot paid any attention to those videos.


The thing about the video is that it only plays once. Why then, is time possibly being allocated in each and every match instead of at the home screen where you press a button to start? Fellow players still not clueless, and there is potentially less time spent waiting.

Regardless, I’m not actually mad about the waiting times. They’re not horrendous, but just mildly annoying. I do enjoy trying to posit why there are two separate loading screens, and why both seem to take equally long to load.