What is the primary reason you pick a specific trapper?

  • Map
  • Team Comp
  • Favorite Pick

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I would say that it’s a combination of these options.


I switched the title to better match the poll answers.


It depends if im in a party or not but all of these options work :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah all of them are valid reasons. That’s why I was wondering what others based their picks for the trapper class on. For me the primary constraint to trapper picks is the map.

Griff because i feel like his poon gun gives the most control of the monsters movement

For me its just who I feel like playing or mostly my favorite… only very few times is when its dependent on the map or team comp. but that is usually when im trying to be competitive…

What do you mean you can’t be competitive. The only thing that matters is winning.

Somethins you just feel like relaxing and picking bucket :stuck_out_tongue:


Since i play mostly arena, it’s always crow, always, he has nice damage output at range, can keep the monster marked by using gobi between reloads and his stasis gun his mega op. It’s like, after the last update he just became so much better, and i think they might’ve only changed the reticule

I almost always go by the map choice for my Trapper. Lots of chokepoints? Maggie or Griffin. Tons of open space? Crow or Abe. If I get Trapper on the Mines, I always, always pick Maggie. The Monster is not getting past the chokepoints without getting domed. Love Griffin on the Foundry and Rendering Plant. I hate Maggie and Griffin on Refueling Tower or Wraith Trap. Would much rather pick Crow or Abe for those.

Night skin for Maggie/Daisy. That’s my reason.


Team comp and monster pick. If I don’t know what’s the monster, then team comp and map.

Examples? Favorite Trapper for each Monster?

None of the above. I pick based on game mode and then mood.

Kind of. For example either Abe or Griffin against Kraken. Abe because it’s very easy to tracking dart flying monster from 100+ meters away and because his stasis used to be good against Kraken and I refuse to accept reality that it’s no longer the case, although stasis is still somewhat helpful at times.

Griffin if I know that this particular Kraken likes to spam Aftershock, for which case Griffin’s harpoon is awesome. In fact I feel that Griffin is the best choice overall for most cases except Behemoth.

Maggie against Wraith and Goliath (but Griffin is great against Goliath as well).

Crow against Goliath or Behemoth can be also good, especially in-combat or for piercing through Behemoth’s armor. But I don’t like Crow’s tracking method.

None of the above. I pick based on what I feel the monster will be. So if I know the person is likely to choose kraken, I’ll go Maggie. If I suspect a Wraith or Behemoth I’ll go Abe/Crow. Sometimes the map may decide it, such as in the mines or foundry, I would like Abe’s tracking dart for the team, but that’s only for a couple maps.

If I guess wrong, I’ll still be fine in getting the domes, it’s just that my CC might not be greatly effective.

Yeah i pick based on mode

rescue. Griffin
nest. maggie
hunt. Mainly crow
arena. Crow or abe
defend. Abe.

A combination of map, likely monster pick, team comp and reliability of team players.

In another post I went in to my feelings on which trapper to pick based on monster, generally meaning that unless I know specifics I’ll gravitate towards Crow or Griffin.

The rule isn’t absolute but in general if the map is a desert or ice biome I’ll lean towards taking Griffin, if it’s forest or acid I’ll lean towards taking Crow

If Lazarus or Caira is on the team I’ll lean towards a harpooning trapper, if it’s Slim I’ll lean towards Maggie. If we have no shields I’ll lean towards a stasis trapper. If Lennox, Torvald or Parnell are the assaults I’ll lean towards a harpooning trapper, if it’s Markov I’ll lean towards Maggie.

If I know the monster is the type to focus a trapper (especially combined with Laz being on the team) then I will lean towards Crow or Maggie

If I don’t know how good my team are then I will avoid Griffin and lean towards Maggie. If I know that we have a weak medic I’ll lean towards Crow or Abe unless it’s Goliath in which case I’ll lean towards Maggie. If our assault is weak I’ll lean towards Maggie. If I know the team is bad I’ll lean towards Maggie heavily.

If I’m playing pre-mades where I know the team is good and generally solid I will play trapper roulette.


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I pick at random. :stuck_out_tongue: