What Is the point to writing Topics?


I keep writing topics to start a thread and next of all it gets moved to a " similar thread " where it then becomes lost as a comment on some random thread?

My last Topic was just about why people enjoy the game that keep coming back, as you would do in a facebook forum, But now my last topic that was moved and is number 82 down in the comments in some random thread? The only way people see this now is if they read the above topic and happen to comment before comments reach 90, therefore my topic is made irrelevant as a topic and gets over looked void of any real conversation starting, The idea is to start a topic, get to know people and be a community.

Its happened a couple of time, fair enough with some topics, but with others I may aswell have just deleted my last post.

Can I ask what is the point? I know it keeps the site tidy etc but stopping my topic just makes it pointless in writing another to engage with the community as my topic is now in a bundle of comments! Am I seeing something wrong here, Is my topic now a lost comment?


It doesn’t make sense in splitting and making duplicate topics. If you had a topic that you wanted a discussion of but didn’t try using the search function we end up moving the topic over. There is no reason to have several topics regarding the same thing. Hence, to make a more natural discussion we merge them. This gives both the old discussion and new discussion a common area to ‘discuss’ things.

It doesn’t make much sense when you are in a public area to overhear someone talking about grapes and you stand far away from them to start your own conversation on grapes.