What is the point of Lazarus anymore? Suggestions for Retro Hunt


What does he do better than any other hunter medic? His whole concept was based around not getting strikes and now that is gone.

Seems like a lazy rework to me, they need to find another purpose for the Lazarus Device because a quicker revive isn’t going to cut it in the long run.

If TRS are smart they will make three levels of match making

Retro Ranked/Hunt

The old Evolve is still the best due to multiple gameplay styles, I understand that isn’t user friendly for casuals but it needs to be an option for the old players and hardcore ones who want more of a challenge.


Use this thread for Lazarus talk. I suggest you make this a thread just for suggestions on Retro Hunt.


I’m pretty sure we had problems with splitting up the queues. People not finding matches and what not, mostly for console maybe.

I think you only get a strike when you fully die as opposed to being downed. I could be wrong tho (too lazy to search) . I think that’s fair though since incapped hunters have more health now.