What is the point of Evac map voting?


Seems a bit pointless, maybe even unfair really. Shouldn’t the map/mode be random for each day?

I mean otherwise the situation will always just be this:


My friends prefer rescue over nest actually…

(ETA: btw all those people complaining that Laz always means a monster win? Man, you should try bringing him to a rescue mission…)


I agree on it should be random.


Exactly, Laz in Rescue mission is just insane. Survivors should get the strikes even though they get revived, because it is impossible to win as monster like that.


Yet the hunters basically pick every map lol


Don’t know why people are playing evacuation competitively, if you are all having fun and know what you can get from each map you would be picking each map for what you get as an outcome for both sides not.