What is the point of class preferences when 1/4 of the games I get are replacing bot monsters


I have had monster as 5th choice since I have started the game, I am now level 17, and I know it sounds like bitching but I can honestly say that at least 1/4 of the games I play are as monster, and most of the time it is joining in on a bot monster that I do not prefer and replacing it. I used to actually go through and carry out playing the monster each time but unfortunately I have recently just been leaving matches where I am placed as monster, and the party has a group of 4 -_-


It is what it is right now lol. I’m hoping for improvements.


Yeah, matchmaking seriously needs an update to allow you to say “I do not want to play this character”.

The fact that something is in the last spot, probably means you don’t want to play it.
Joining matches late isn’t the most fun thing either.

The game often combines these into a “no fun for you today!” match.


They also wrap it under preference, which at no point doesn’t say you won’t play that role. I think TRS had hoped that people will eventually get used to everything regardless if they like it or not.

This was the approach when it came to L4D. You had no choice of Special Infected, often at times it could suck to get a SI you disliked, but the exposure would eventually challenge you to explore it.

I suspect TRS was hoping people would flock to Monster the way they flocked to Zombies (Players commonly selected zombies before humans in lobbies) Because let’s face it, anything that is different from the every day is interesting.

However Evolve has done something interesting, it’s made Humans (and consequently the co-op aspect of it) more appealing than the Monster.

I wonder how different this game would be if it were 4 v 4 (Tweaked to make it just as balanced) but then it’d basically be Arena Style L4D but with monsters.

I am willing to bet that a significant more players would want play to play on the Monster team if you knew you weren’t playing alone.