What is the point of Abduct? It is by far the most niche and least useful


Unless you pump it full, the range seems limited, it is becomes far less useful in stage 3 where they just bunch up at the power gen, and the most egregious terrible part about it is that it actually pushes the hunter away from you towards his team. At the very least the last part should be changed with the hunter being slowed for a second or turned around. God forbid a tree branch block you or you’re always screwed.

Proof: Game dev during twitch stream who plays this all the time barely got any use out of it at 3 points. 1 Good abduct the whole game.


But that is the point. It forces them to separate.


For what a few moments? You’re better off pumping the points into nova to take them down. The distance is barely significant unless you do it across the map which you’d need 3 points for anyways


Without the abduction would be Wraith dead in 10 seconds at stage 3 if they were all beside the power relay…


Or not? I’m not sure how that makes any sense. You put the points into decoy, nova and warpblast to confuse and do damage to them.


A few moments is all it takes.

Imo supernova is the pointless ability. A well coordinated hunter team will rip you to shreds while you are not moving constantly.


LOL it is the most important one so you can burst quickly and get out. You barely have health so you want to hit them manually or burst and get out? I thought so. Are you going to down them by running in circles?


Not only that, if a few moments is all it takes then logically you need a burst skill. Nova is ideal according to your logic. Not only that but your clone can nova as well.


But that’s not what supernova does…it requires you to stay in the cloud (predictable target area) and not be warping around. Abduction, hit them, decoy away. Abduct someone else as they run to their separated teammate, hit them, decoy away.

Supernova, stay in a spot try and hit hunters who will immediately move away from you or out of the cloud. Hit and Run. You don’t have to knock someone down with every attack. Constantly keep them on their toes.

Course, my favorite Goliath ability is Rock Throw which everyone thinks is useless. I do predict supernova will be easily countered by simply jetpacking out.


Hit them? You’re doing NO damage. You have a few moments to hit them. You NEED Nova. You can always cancel it and run. Your logic can easily be applied to simply auto attacking. Tell me how you plan on whittling down an entire team with auto-attack? You’ll be there for ages exposed while they outheal you. And if Nova can be countered by easily jetpacking out, then it is the same as melee which you’re advocating anyways.

Abduct is countered by daisy in the way, rocks, bush trees, visibility, super small hitbox, etc etc


Sigh, it’s clear you don’t want to concede anything for an actual discussion but hey don’t use abduction then.

I’ll be using it to pick apart teams and kill them one by one. Abduction is going to be good for people who can get creative with it.


Abduction, Supernova then wreck them while they’re away from the group then they’d have to come and rescue them, Decoy and sneak attack the others if you need too! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

OR Abduct them into a Tyrant, a little more risky but I’m willing to try it!


I can safely tell you that there is no skill which is useless in the right hands.

Every skill has considerable potential, more so to some than others, but none is useless. It comes down on how creatively and meaningfully you can employ the use of a skill. I’ll leave any consideration of actual effectiveness for once we’ve been able to get our hands on the Monster, first.


What is the point? to disorient and to confuse as with most other things with Wraith.

Set out a decoy then position yourself to abduct the medic or support that’s hanging out at the back, leaving the team weaker to your other attacks for a while
Camp near a tyrant or a crowbill sloth and abduct someone right in to it’s jaws.
Fight things out and abduct an incapacitated hunter that is getting revived rather than camp the body
As others have said, break up the power relay/third objective team camp
Abduct a trapper and try to force the fight in an area where you have the terrain advantage
Abduct a shielded assault and make the fact they popped the personal shield a waste of time

It seems to me wraith is a sum of her parts, and abduct is one of those parts that takes control of the situation out of the hands of the hunters for a length of time that can give you an edge.



its by far the MOST USEFUL ability Wraith has apart from her traversal stamina warp.

Its an assassin type of monster, with high damage output and high mobility at the cost of tankyness.

abduction lets you LITERALLY pull one hunter 100m away from his friends, possibly high into the air.
Its a superstrong depositioning tool, and you can combo/abuse it in so many ways.
Imagine warping up behind a cliff, then abducting someone, just to smash him down. BAM ! One hunter, behind a cliff, no friendlies nearby, easy pounce-kill. Cliff blocks any potential snipe shots to get you off the pounce. By the time his friends arrive youve already nibbled at his organs.
Or combine it otherwise, abduce someone in a cave, instant warp blast into supernova. Dead hunter.
Abduct the Assault. Pop supernova and decoy. Watch him pop his shield fighting your decoy while you race towards the other 3.
From what ive seen you can even use it to scout. Use your smell while max range abducting into a random direction. No target needed, bang, instant intel. Sure, they might know where you are, but they need to get to you first.

Jump on top of one of the nearest cliffs of the dam. Warp upwards 3 times, abduct someone into mid-air. Boom ! Theyre now 100m away and X00m high up in the air + they have to get back up to the top of the dam where you fight the rest of the team.
@MacMan any info on the range of the traversal stamina warp ?

Supernova confines yourself to an area to be useful. Youll never want that unless comboed with other things.


Megamouth sounds more like it.

I like your thinking tho, Distillery’s going to a whole new level…


Just waiting for pro abducts into chomp plants. Epic BM


Like they said abduct is the most useful, second only to decoy imo. It can be comboed with Nova too, pop super nova then the decoy and drag any hunter trying to jetpack out of the Nova cloud back.


Abduction is a niche ability, it’s highly situational and in some cases pointless. However as the Wraith lacks powerful ranged attacks Wraith needs to get in close and Abduction closes the gap without putting the wraith in as much risk as say warping in and popping the nova, which is invaluable at certain points.

All of Wraith’s abilities are heavily specialized, so Abduction is too.


Maybe I’m missing something, with cool-downs in this game being (IMO) generous (that is to say, short) I just don’t see how 2 or 3 points in Abduction + 3 points in super nova aren’t OP. Maybe I’ll be proved wrong, but I just don’t see a wraith beating a good team of hunters without Abduction.