What is the future of evolve?


I’m kind of curious, what are the odds of this game getting a sequel? And will we be getting 5th tier monsters and hunters? Based on people’s general opinion about this game, I can’t imagine more content or even a sequel for this game would be profitable. Which makes me sad since this game is one of my favorite games of all time.

F2P evolve

We will be getting at least a 5th tier, probably more once all the currrent gripes are either addressed or forgotten. Considering that people are mostly complaining about reasonable waits and other minor issues (which, quite frankly, is a staple from a large chunk of the masses when it comes to all games nowadays), I don’t see the negative opinion holding true for very much longer. At least not the kind that actually makes sense, lol.



of course


i dont see the negative opinion going away any time soon. and i mean the ones that dont make sense. Ppl complained about the lack of content and i dont blame them. The future monsters and hunters that come out are going to cost money, so ppls complaints still hold true. real shame really. i would have given anything for this game to have been more of a success.


this game will fall back into the shadows and keep growing content wise while the internet crys about a the new games coming out, then the games price will drop and more people will start playing over time. That’s my prediction. Sequel? not anytime soon, maybe never. They might just keep adding things to Evolve.


I think there is a possibility for a successful sequel.

It seems as if they are trying to Payday 2 Evolve, and I think that’s smart. They just need to drop the price.

The game seemed to sell decently well too. It was near the top of the charts for Europe NPD, and I’d imagine it was in the top 10 for the US. It was probably at the very least profitable for 2K and TRS.


Just because it was profitable does not mean the sql will also be profitable. Too many ppl that bought the game will not buy a sql if it comes out.


I dont think itll have a sequel, i think itll be one of those games that just sort of grows overtime, like dota or league


Why do you think the game won’t have a sequel?


Because the overall design philosophy of the game was to be a game you play for a long time to come, and one you come back to when the latest -insert other game here- has failed you. It was built to be easily modified and expanded upon with DLC so that instead of Evolve 2 having 10 new maps, 5 new monsters, 20 more hunters (let’s say), and some game mechanic changes, they can put all of that into Evolve 1.

Pretty sure Phil Robb said something along these lines in a past interview/official Evolve video.


Okay, I like that idea.


Well of course that may not be the case. For any game to have a sequel though, the prior game needs to be popular to some extent. Evolve is probably popular enough.


what you say makes perfect sense. especially considering that DLC has a higher profit to cost ratio than releasing a sequel. Unfortunately, that still doesnt mean that dlc is profitable enough to warrant it. I can only hope that we see more dlc. but at the same time im kind of upset at the ridiculous price tag on the dlc so far. i really wanted to get a few extra skins, and i realized that if i got everything i wanted i would have spent like another $20 on this game. And i think thats too much


Would this be good or bad?



next pls!


It’s the only option.


well… you can always leave it at full price and 1500 players. That sounds like an awesome plan. Tbh i don´t care how you or any other person feels about that. I paid 80 bucks and i don´t care if i got screwed or not.

besides making a game that expensive is a good indication that you have a good hunch of it beeing a fail for the masses…

you edited your post, so my comments are more or less going into the void


Or they could lower the Price instead of F2P…


So says the official Evolve Doomsayer!


I made a similar topic about this once Future of Evolve, Free-to-Play? Or something else..?, covering similar ground.

The basic flaw about this game is the concept and the money asked for it. I’m Dutch and we all have this nagging habit to only buy things that are worth our money. This includes sales, and cheap things that we don’t really need, but are worth the money. This money versus value is quite hard to scale in today’s gaming industry. For that saying GTA 5 should be worth more than 200 euro’s. But because publishers like Rockstar sell the game for a normal price, it aint a problem. The problem comes when smaller games get overshadowed by these big games that are actually worth their price.

2K said, fuck this shit. We are going to aim for 4 million sales and we are going to release a pre-order sale that is almost too good not to buy, but it excludes half the content you would get for the same amount of money. If GTA 5 came online only with the multiplayer, no singleplayer would it still be worth 60 euro? Would it still be as good? No ofcourse it doesn’t. Evolve doesn’t doesn’t have the platonic value that they gave the game. Can you still enjoy the game as much and put more time in it than GTA 5, making the money time invested, then yes it can have that potential. But this theory only applies to people who already know they are going to love the game. For all those who will skip once something else comes out, this is a bad investment. And youtube showed that most casual youtubers that reviewed this game had that problem. They didn’t think the game was worth the money spend for the time invested and the fun returned. It means that the target audience is far smaller than they first anticipated.

My personal problem with this game is that they are asking free-to-play prices for a game you already bought. And for prices you normally get a season pass, you now get a part of the DLC. If you compare money spend versus the base game, the base game holds a LOT of value, and the DLC breaks completely away from the strategy.

Once upon a time Splinter Cell Chaos Theory came out. Still said to be the best Splinter Cell out there… Remember as well, this was a Ubisoft game, before they became greedy as well…

They asked full price for the game giving you three things. A full singleplayer giving you multiple way’s to finish, multiple routes and at least 10+ hours of gameplay. Then there was a full separate coop, where you could play different missions with two players for at least 6 hours + replay value. Then there is the Versus multiplayer mode with good and diverse maps, two teams and lot’s of repetitive gameplay. Similar to Evolve.

Splinter Cell asked 60 bucks for 3 of these modes, Evolve gave us 1. Splintercell had online gamemodes, Evolve does so as well. Both having 1 gamemode that is well worked out, the others that work but aren’t as fun. Both have DLC that was relatively more expensive to the game itself. Both also have a multiplayer that, once you get the hang of it, can keep you busy for many hundreds of hours. Making the DLC worth your money if you play it for a longer period of time.

In this story I counter almost every argument players are giving me. And they all forget, it’s not time that changed, companies have become more greedy than ever. This game is a great example of how being too greedy punishes the sales. Not even once have they shown the opposite really, only smart reason to keep people playing.

I keep repeating myself, but even now, Evolve for PC is only worth 20 euro’s max. They should implement a free weekend very soon and see the replies on that. 2K should also start creating a F2P model to implement a year after release. Evolve will be close to bug free by then (hopefully) and quite balanced for a greater audience. Because now we are playing a failed product promoted by a publisher that made it bad. Evolve itself is a very good game, but it doesn’t reach the standard we should expect from publishers. This is NOT TRS fault, well maybe a little, this is 2K’s doing.