What is the funniest/weirdest glitch/bug you've ever seen?


It’s been said Evolve has been known to have one or two bugs out glitches every now and then : ) I’ve seen stuff. Weird stuff. What’s the weirdest/funniest big or glitch you’ve ever seen over the past year.

Mine only happened to me once. It was on Med Lab. I was on the hunter team. We were fighting near the Tyrant pool on the lower side of the map and something odd happened after getting spiked in to the water by Goliath’s leap smash. The physics for the game broke and I started swimming in mid air about 20 feet above the monster’s head. It was making water noises and everything. So I couldn’t use my gear or do anything… except swim. Lol.

At one point everyone stopped to just stare at me for a few seconds, hunters and monster. I was the only one affected by this. It was pretty funny. Picture me doing backstrokes through the air while Goliath tries to hit me with rocks. You could tell the water level of the map was raised up for me somehow because on the higher side if the map I was fine. It was only when going any lower than the relay area that it happen.

So anyways, story time. Whatcha got???


Hunters defying the laws of gravity,just flying as long as they want.

I even got a picture of my friends riding a kraken I’ll post it later when I get back home.


Tyrant grabbing a hunter then falling into the ground with the assault. Both dead. GG.


Only bug that I ever see that really irks me is the “Not winning” bug from time to time…

Like, I’m supposed to win all the time, not just most. Happens on all games and not just Evolve.

Really now, you’d think game companies would’ve had this fixed for me by now.


Black Jesus in Rainbow 6 was funny AF think its patched now though lolz.You basically had a black statuette behind you while playing,it was highly annoying trying to kill a player with it on them,also it was comical watching a team mate with it on.


I have this weird bug where every Monster picked in Hunt looks like Kraken.


I was playing on Distillery as Gorgon against bots and all of a sudden the monster camera stopped in place. I could still move and attack with Gorgon, the camera just wouldn’t move with her.
Watch it here: https://youtu.be/uNzqur3Ra5M


2 Monsters vs 4 Hunters


The funnest glitch I had was when I tried to use abduction but I got stuck in the animation it was hilarious I could move so I got out of it by doing abduction again then got full armor then I did the glitch again and just went up to the hunters at the relay I still won as I got out of it but it was so funny I was just pushing the medic


I had a glitch and it was…SCARY!!! I was in quick play, playing Arena. I was fighting a Kraken, the game froze. Kraken is a Demon. He suddenly starting following me. With all four eyes, he was watching me. When I went behind him, he turned around and stared at me. If I went out of his sight, he turned to look at me. Then the game crashed. What is scary is Kraken’s design. It is a demon, proof right there. But what really makes this scary, is that when Goilath freezes, he doens’t follow. Wraith, Gorgon, Behemoth, they don’t do this. Only Kraken. Because I’ve been in games where it freezes with these Monsters, but they don’t do that. Kraken is a Demon.


oh wait evolve : O


Starting nest outside of the skybox as torvald.

Bye eggs.


In Evolve ? this :


Lmao. Man, if I would’ve seen that I might have shut my Xbox off… Then burned it. Baaad ju ju right there my friend. Hilarious


gotta love 4 votes against 1 not passing

also whenever this happens


A behemoth on defend got locked into the lava bomb priming animation but could still move. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a Behemoth line-dance away from you in fear.


I’ve encountered a glitch where the canyon strider corpses stayed standing up. I found out it was happening when I went into a canyon while following the monster and found a half dozen of them standing motionless like zombies.


One of the funniest I had in Evolve was when I got the invisible monster glitch. I thought it’d be pretty harmless to mess with the Hunters, so I’d alert birds at the same time as the bot monster. At one point the hunters were close to me and stopped moving, looking pretty confused. Later in the match, they domed the bot monster, and I ran around alerting as many birds as I could find.

After the match I told them what I was doing, and they were really good sports about it and found it pretty funny. We all laughed 'til the matchmaking forced us apart. :smile:


No gravity for hunters

2 Bob - Goliath


Cabot that’s not how you incapacitate.

Laz wh-…

I also saw a half rotted/eaten Dune Beetle start dancing violently for no reason. That was scary as.