What is the first thing you'll do after Evolve launches?


I think I’m gonna try to get gold on all the tutorials because I’m a completionist.


Right away going to go into solo and do a full evac run as Goliath :smiley:


do a happy dance while it decrypts on steam.


Snore. You kids and your 5 AMs.


Prepare for the marathon gonna do some stretches grab a jug of water go to the bathroom .


Have you prepared your snacks?


Wait 5 hours until it unlocks in my region.


Of course I went to bulk barn. I got some dried cranberries some sour munchkins(off brand sour patch kids) and some mini eggs. Got some chips and some pepperettes.


I dunno, man. Like, probably, I’ll, like, go to the gym, do some, you know, some reps. Then like, I dunno. Maybe go shopping for a new shirt. I mean, mine are all, like, old and shit. Then I’ll probably go hang out with my buddy, Keith. You know, this one time, me and Keith were like, wondering what would happen if you tried to make a cannon out of dry ice and a can of spray cheese. Well, tell you what, it don’t work near as well as you’d think!


Hand out lube to Hunters while I queue as the Kraken.


Have something to eat, I guess.


immediately go into the options menu and fiddle with everything even though i don’t have too :smiley:


I’ll play the game.


Weep tears of the purest joy.

My torment will be over.


Whatever misfortune that befalls on Keith, I’m sure he will still be alive at the end of the day. He has never disappoint.


When I get off of work at 4:30 on Tuesday, I’m going to head to gamestop, pick it up. Go home, start the install, head to the gym while it’s installing. Play the game. Yeah


Oh shucks, I forgot this step. I’m sure this is absolutely the first thing I’ll do before attempting anything.


Take a few games… Unless I’m too tired… So tired… Damned Insomnia


Let me guess… you haven’t been sleeping the last few days from all the excitement of Evolve launching.


play a few games then stress over my 10 hour mineralogy lab and math test.