What is the difference between the 'Alpha' and the 'Standard-Bred'


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One of my favorite parts of the game was the early statement that there was only one member of each monster type (One Goliath, One Kraken, ect) and that was controlled by the player. The egg mode was released and I was upset, but the devs stated it was non-canon.

However, the new video for evacuation came out and displayed multiple monsters again, this time stated to be canon. So during the Reddit AMA I asked Turtle Rock what happened to the idea and they stated that it is still there in a sense: The player always controls a unique ‘Alpha’ monster, as opposed to a standard soldier monster. But this left me with many questions still.

Is the naming just a title? Is there an actual difference between Alphas and normal monsters? Are Alphas visually different, more powerful, or is it more like a title like General or Commander?


I’m sure that there’s one alpha for each specie of monster that’s bigger and in charge


Maybe only the Alphas have the ability to evolve. Which would explain why all the minions are stage 1 Goliaths and in the cut scene we see so many stage 1 Goliaths, Krakens and even fewer Wraiths.


Basically, the idea is that these monsters are some kind of swarm style infestation that has been clearing various planets of life in the more distant colonies in the universe. The colonists on shear are some of the first to survive long enough to actually witness things and think about them. The monsters got their names from these colonists. You play as an Alpha Goliath, Kraken, or Wriath.

From hunt, we get the feeling of solitude that you want for the monsters, but in the lore, there are even more than one Alpha of each type. That’s why playing more than three rounds of hunt won’t break canon :stuck_out_tongue:

Basically the difference between an Alpha and a regular beast is that Alphas can evolve - the regular ones are stuck at stage 1 forever. (really stage 1.3 since they get a 4th skill point, but that is technical).


An alpha animal is the strongest of a pack or group of animals and acts as the leader, often being the only one allowed to reproduce. A typical example is an alpha lion, he is the strongest of the pride and protects his kin. Although he will eventually die or get overthrown by another male but for the time being he is the biggest guy and he controls the pride.

So the alpha Goliath would be the strongest (level three) out of the “pride” of Goliaths while a standard bred, ie the omega lions and the lionesses would spend their lives serving and following the alpha unless of course they get strong enough to kill/outcast him. I don’ think the whole “overthrow” part is a game mechanic though :smile:


Where did you hear all this? Link?


Alphas are in general bigger and meaner than the Minion monsters.

Though I do not know where you got that information, I’d like a link


I like to think that the Alphas refer to the Players themselves and are just the same as the soldier Monsters, they both can evolve and they all have the same abilities. But as the soldiers (the AI) are just mindless brutes with one thing on their mind (KILL), the Alphas (the Player) are more intelligent and are able to use strategic tacticts in their arsenal.


They said the whole ‘One goliath’ thing a lot back in the day, I’ll try to find some specific sources. I believe it is also briefly referenced in the most recent ‘Evolution of Evolve’

The egg mode being non canon was being spat out by about everyone that the devs said it, so for that for all I know people were just lying.

The post where they confirm the player monsters are alphas is on the reddit ama page, it’s one of the first posts there.


Yeah, players control alphas, but I’m pretty sure there are more than one alpha for each species. Essentially all Krakens and all Wraiths are “alphas”, since all “minions” are only stage 1 Goliaths.

However I never heard the devs say there would only be one individual of each species, that was an assumption the community made based on limited information about the lore when the game was first announced, AFAIK. I also never heard nest was non-cannon, and that might have been another community assumption.


I never thought about that bit with all Krakens/Wraiths being alphas. I feel like that’s more because those two don’t work as foot soldiers and less lore, but I’ll roll with it for now.

I’m 99.9% positive that the devs at one point said that there would be only one of each species, but I can easily see the egg mode being non-canon as just the community assuming things.


Imagine the ‘alpha’ is like the Xenomorph Queen in the Alien films… It’s a bigger, deadlier threat. There’s more than one of them, but one alone is a significant problem. Even individual ‘grunts’ (standard xenomorphs / goliath minions) are troublesome, but an alpha is a disaster.

I don’t think having multiple Krakens, Goliaths, etc demeans how dangerous or individual each one is, it just makes the alpha seem more of a potent menace and a galactic problem (rather than something a single hunting party can easily deal with).


Alphas are like queen bees they are the leaders they can lay eggs and they are stronger


It’s not mentioned anywhere on how the eggs came to be. It’s a possible theory, but because we know Goliath and Kraken are both males and Wraiths are the females, I doubt that they are the ones leaving the eggs. My guess is that the eggs are being spearheaded as landing troop pods similar to many games/movies as the front line invasion force. The Alphas are more like the Lieutenants of the ground troops. Who or what is higher on the command chain has yet to be seen.


This brings in an opportunity to have a monster species that is considered the true elite. Meaning as far as lore having monsters who ranked above all others we have seen so far.


As long as they aren’t these guys :stuck_out_tongue: