What is the deal with the 3 sheild drones?


So I was playing on aviary earlier today and encountered a Sunny player that had multiple shield drones up. I isolated her with a rock wall but the second drone behind the wall shielded her from damage and I couldn’t get her down and lost the game. I was playing on PC and player’s name was Don’t call out names please. I attempted to report the player through steam but the recent players feature does not work in Evolve with Steam so I had no way to report him. Please someone tell me if you’ve ever seen this!



Were you playing evacuation? I thought there was a drone available in one of the game modes, but now thinking of it I believe it’s an offense drone that shoots and spots the monster. That’s why I play PS4, too many cheaters on PC. Or it was lag.



Ha. Haven’t encountered this on Xbox One…



On Xbox one I have a picture of this please hold



For some reason it says the other ones to big to upload but that destroyed drone also shielded I need ya to believe me lol

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Yep. Totally believing you. and your title @drok5star - * Shield Drones *



I cropped the picture made it small enough lol



it didn’t during the alphas and the beta. It does now.

besides,unless the person was hacking/using cheats/altering the game code a report wouldn’t achieve anything and it looks like to me that this person was using an in-game bug,so…

also,calling out names is bad,you should instead post some beautiful,artistically set screenshots for everyone to enjoy(like this Hank Nordita skin :slight_smile: )

@AdamPBUD you thought right! Shield drones were introduced as a map effect with one of the 2 new maps, but they’re not on PC yet :smile:



I don’t know what version of Evolve you’re playing but I have provided a screenshot from today to prove that recent players in Evolve do not show up on Steam. I have confirmed with all my friends that play this game that it does not work for them either.



Yeah of course I believe you, I’ve been on the suffering end of it! I’ve seen the same thing happen in games a few weeks ago too.



ive had this happen to me as Sunny before as well. I wasnt intentionally doing anything tricky, I simply attempted to toss down a new drone in a new location, and I had 2 (I placed a new drone right after this by the first drone, which blew up the first 2)

Also, steams recent players does not work for me either. Never has.



Ive had this happen in solo while stacking drones. When the shrapnel stays it acts like a second drone.



Maybe devs ninja buffed sunny as a joke. :stuck_out_tongue:



This happened to me as well. I was in custom solo-mode evac and I was sunny.

While placing the drones to stack them for getting them higher, if a player comes under attack at the right time during the first drones self destruct, then it will initiate shield and never go away. So you can have at least 2 shield drones in the same area.

Never tried to duplicate this since it wouldn’t be useful in multiplayer - Not trying to get banned. But it did happen on occasion when I wasn’t trying to do it.

Although it happened when I was trying to get them to stack higher, I don’t think it would matter whether or not you are doing that. I think its just timing. FYI, it showed as a broken shield drone for me as well. So I know what you’re talking about :smile:



Had this one too, i think it happens when you place a new drone right when the first one would start to shield or is ready to shield.
Had them on two totally different places so it seems that it has nothing to do with the stacking.



i had a sunny in my game (PC) also using multiple shield drones. this was 2 days ago
People exploiting the game seems more common now (i have over 330 hours game time)



Weird. Try doing that in-game though. Bring up the steam overlay there. I’m 100% positive that when I checked recent games on the player list I had a list of players I played in Evolve,but like I said- I brought up the interface while in-game.

I’d post my own screenshot,but I quit Evolve since I can’t get a game with 500 people online.



“I attempted to report the player through steam but the recent players feature does not work in Evolve with Steam so I had no way to report him. Please someone tell me if you’ve ever seen this!”

Just a quick question- Did you actually talk to this player about it before you decided you wanted to report them (irregardless of whether or not you were capable of doing such a thing)?

I ask because I find people are way too quick to jump on the “GET’M!” mentality without actually knowing full well whats going on. To clarify, I play sunny (her and hank are my mains). Ive had this happen to me a couple of times, sometimes without me even really knowing/noticing for awhile (in the heat of a battle i dont always notice every little icon floating around the edge of my screen instantly). Ive never intentionally done this. I dont even know how/why it happened, just that it did happen. I know id be pretty miffed if someone was reporting me for being a mad tyte exploiting haxor, when i had no clue I was even doing the thing in the first place- And was getting reported because the game bugged on me. Just say’n.



its a known exploit since 2.0