What is the current pro build for Goliath?


I haven’t played much since the update, so I am wondering what perks/build is popular right now in competitive play?


I see a lot of 1 flame 2 leap into 3 rock a lot. Other varies is 2 flame 1 charge into 3 rock.


2 flame 1 leap st1 -> 3 flame 3 leap st2 is very well rounded, but if you like having the dmg split up more and with more opportunity to surprise-hit people, legendary’s build 1 rock 1 leap 1 fire st1 -> 2 rock, 3 leap 1 fire st2 could serve you well.


3 Leap, Then 3 Rock…
Burst is the only chance we have these days, I feel.


I personally start with 3 rock damage increase and pick up 3 fire at stage two and 3 leap smash at stage three. That’s personal choice though.


What are the go to perks for goliath?


Been going up against some top level teams lately so I’ve been playing around with my build. Trying out a few different ones now but right now I’m liking 2 leap 1 fire then 3 rock then maxing out the other two with damage bonus. I’m experimenting with a few others but this one seems like the best atm.


I personally don’t like fire breath except for hunting, it never seems bursty enough for me. that’s just my personal opinion though.


But it does sooo muuuch over time. I once closed out a game by setting the entire hunter team on fire with one whole flame breath. Then a short leap smash in and three of them hit the dirt. It was delicious. Flame breath is my favorite ability, and I think it looks crazy awesome. I don’t think it’s the best, but it’s not detrimental.


Hey d00d. I’m a Goliath player in the ESL tournaments. I have an aggressive play style so I run dmg perk most of the time. All these builds are viable:

2 leap 1 flame (s1) -> 3 leap 3 flame (s2) -> 3 leap 3 flame 3 rock (s3) (I popularized this build :wink: )

2 flame 1 charge (s1) -> 2 flame 1 charge 3 rock (s2) -> 3 flame 3 charge 3 rock (s3)

2 leap 1 flame (s1) -> 2 leap 1 flame 3 rock (s2) -> 3 flame 3 leap 3 rock (s3)

1 rock 1 flame 1 leap (s1) -> 2 rock 3 leap 1 flame (s2) -> 3 rock 3 flame 3 leap (s3)

Hope this helps.


Why LeapSmash over Rock Throw?

Rock Throw does more dmg and has a far shorter cooldown


I generally do:

S1: 2 rock 1 flame S2: 3 rock 3 flame S3: 3 rock 3 flame 3 leap ( or 2 leap 1 charge)

and if I’m playing a val + abe team that does a lot of slows i have to go ,

S1: 1 flame 1 leap 1 charge S2: 1 flame 1 leap 1 charge 3 rock. S3: 3 rock 3 flame 2 leap 1 charge


I pick increased stamina that way I can take advantage of his speed and be like a race car.


dam not even close to what i do lol.

2 leap 1 charge > 3 leap 3 charge > 3 leap 3 charge 3 situational (flame for trap clearing, rock for bursting)

i run cdr. tis a nasty build that i sadly went away from for awhile till i revived it and remembered how strong it really was.


Oh and I almost always use the faster eating perk.


Pro players dodge rocks man.


Wouldn’t it be more useful just to make them use their jet pack fuel before throwing the rock?


Yeah, I try to do that. Flame them 'till they use up jetpack, then rockthrow.

Not sure how it’s easier to dodge rocks vs leap smash.


Not if you’re trying to go for stage 2 downs. I always attempt strikes at stage 2, I like to think of rock throw as that great punish getting to stage 3 cause of consistent downs stage 2. If I get rock at stage 2 then I’m just going to use it as a “gtfo away from me I want stage 3” tool. But again it really relates to my playstyle cause I’m more of a “uwotm8? I’ll bash yer head in!” kind of Goliath.


That was my thinking as well. Would you care to help us understand @heidnu?