What is the BIGGEST Evolve sin?


What do you guys believe is the biggest Evolve sin in the game is. This does not include problems with the game or balancing issues for example saying “when turtle rock nerfed sunny”. Instead share with everyone what you think the biggest nono is. Like an assault who activates his shield at the start of battle, a gorgon who chooses mimic as a stage 1 ability, fighting a behemoth in a cave etc. What do you put at the top of your NOT TO DO LIST?

For me it’ll have to be not choosing to bail when your support and medic goes down. Too many times have I seen players actively fight the monster after both medic and support goes down like theyre Mikasa from Attack on Titan. They won’t win the fight. Best thing to do is bail and buy time. You live to fight another day lol.

Any others?


FT3 Wraith’s, enough said.


How is this a sin, I do this all the time recently with a lot of success…


Just because it’s probably the most common: Lazarus picking people up without his glove.

and on the same notion: picking people up when you have a perfectly functional laz on the team.


It’s subjective of course but mimic is by far the hardest ability to pull off and do consistent damage. A stage 1 mimic is next to useless unless you use it to scare birds and throw hunters off. Spider trap being gorgon most useful abilities and you can’t really pair WS without AS


Trapper doming in the start with no monster in it then he keep the dome up :sob:


Bobs cheesing the relay. Makes me not want to play the game when I think about it :tired_face:


Cabots who damage amp when half the team is down and cant actually damage the monster.


Differences of opinion then.

As for me it’s watching Wraith play and thinking they’re doing it wrong since I’ve been playing her so long even after the overnerf…


When people sneak attack the last hunter cause they are vulnerable to it. So unfair!


What is FT3?


Flee 'til 3, basically running the whole match until they get to Stage 3, makes the whole match so boring for the Hunters :stuck_out_tongue:


Flee to three


Flee til three.

Edit: Tdubbed.


Lazurus players reviving normally, ie not using the glove I hate it so much when I see people do it.


Bashing on low level players for doing bad. It’s not right at all and can even make someone not wanna play again really. Or someone who decides to punish a player for their “ignorance”. For example, support is shielding medic instead of trapper so the trapper gets angry and decided to throw a dome and just keep us all inside even though the monster isn’t in the dome. It’s very childish and rather annoying


I have to agree with McBunnyPants. There’s a lot of things players can do that are annoying, but nothing ticks me off more than seeing someone talk trash on other players and actively do ignorent things just for the sake of being mean.

It’s petty, and those unsportsmen like players need to grow up…


Playing as Kraken against pubs and against hunters whos division is lower than silver skilled
Srsl I dont care if hes “the only viable monster” cuz that is not true. True is that he’s not fun to chase or fight.


The biggest sin is Turtle Rock releasing overpowered characters.


Laz that revives without his glove has to be one of the most frustrating things in this game. Or a wraith (any monster for that matter) that flees till three