What is the best assualt character?


It is a hard decision to figure out which assault character is the best. Hyde has the awesome flamethrower while Parnell has dat super soldier with the shotgun while Markov has the best secondary weapon in my opinion. The things I hate about these characters is that Parnell doesn’t have a very colorful arrangement of weapons, Hyde’s minigun isn’t very strong and the toxic grenade is annoying when it slows the team down. Markov, well, Markov is tier 1. Tier 1 you have at the start. and who wants the class you don’t work for when you unlock characters that are better.
Put what you think in the comments and why you think your favorite assault is the best assault.


Best is very subjective. Parnell is the best at burst damage and wants to be up close with the shotgun. Also always switch weapons instead of reloading. He is high skill high reward. Markov is a good generalist. Hard to miss with the lighting gun, good range with the assault rifle, and mines are so versatile. Hyde is a wanker but bloody hilarious.


What do you like @Commando_Wraith


They all ahve ups and downs so none of them is the “best” its really just preference and your strategy. I personally love Parnell for Kraken for range Markov for mines on goliath that inevitably he will run into and Hyde for Wraith since he can flush herr out and just melt her with the Flamethrower


Depends on your skill level and what your comfortable doing Markov can protect the team by giving them safe areas to run too and doing good damage. Hyde can deny the monster hiding spots while dealing alot of damage. Parnell my personal favorite can deal an obscene amount of damage with headshots and super soldier took a wraith down 5 bars during a supernova supersoldier standoff.


most of the people in here have a point. It’s up to the prefference. BUT there is another thing. What mode is the game in. Think about it, then, “guess” what monster are you going to be playing against. There is no clear answer to your question. I consider Parnel the best, but not vs Kraken in open spaces. Then Markov (for me) is more consistent in dealing damage. But, that’s just my opinion. For eggs, i consider Hyde with damage boost. It’s just a matter of opinion.
Now. there are better combinations then others. Fore example
Cabot and Parnell.
Cabot goes with damage amp, Parnel does SS and just watch the monster melt.
Markov and Hyde can’t do that with him, not that it won’t work, but that burst of damage is just insane. Now what if you can’t get close to the monster, then you are F… Parnels Rockets are ok, but you need to be good with them to do any damage. Again, it’s just a personal preference, but like i said, there are combinations. I prefer Hydes personality for sure.


Hes gonna melt its fucking face!


Parnell > Markov > Hyde no matter what the Monster is.

Don’t get pulled into this “it’s debatable nonsense”. Parnell is THE best Assault on the game.

Parnell has the highest damage output and consistently does more damage than the other two Assaults. While Hyde can keep up with Markov in damage he really struggles against Kraken and his Toxic Grenades can be harmful to the team.


Yeah, Parnell is really cool. I just really want to play tier 4 hunters with my season pass.


Parnell for burst damage and Markov for utility.


Part of it is skill cap based, now parnell is the best raw damage dealer no question but part of the reason hyde has overall low damage is because he’s much harder to play so low skill players mess him up a lot, I don’t think any of them are better but markov does kinda suck against a high skill monster simply because his mines can be destroyed by abilities and sniffed around corners so there completely useless against a good player damage wise as a monster I have never once stepped on one in over 50 games so yeah kinda terrible, I personally also dont like that he aims for you its kinda dull and the damage is meh he’s clearly a low skill character, between the other two honestly for me its a tie as one has great raw damage but the other has great area denial with a surprising amount of damage in the right hands although I’ve found most high skill players lean towards hyde as he has more options in a fight and with parnell if you knock him away and avoid him during super soldier his damage falls pretty flat


There is no ‘best’ assault. That defeats the purpose of the game. Parnell may do the most damage, but is that always best? Hyde and markov have really great area denial. They can help incapped allies, and help flush a wraith out of her supernova.

It all just depends.


Do I really need to say it?

Seriously though the assaults are pretty well balanced. To be fair to Markov and the other tier 1 characters, he’s the first because he’s easy to use and versatile, like the others. They’re not the weakest by any means.