What is the best ability setup for Kraken?

I want to know what the best ability setup for Kraken. In arena I usually run 3 Vortex and 3 Aftershock and I haven’t lost yet. I want to know if there is a better ability combo than mine and if you could add why that would be nice.

I use 3 LS and 3 AS but except saltiness and a bunch of complaints. It’s a lot of burst damage and a jetpack waster for people who don’t know how to dodge or if you’re really good at tracking it.

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3 Vortex and 3 LS works good against most hunter comps. I usually run cooldown so that I can bait jetpack usage with an ability and follow up before they have a chance to recharge.

I’ll switch to 3AS 3LS if I’m against a good beam team.

Most all around pro build:

2 Vortex, 1 Mines
3 Vortex, 3 Mines
3 Vortex, 3 Mines, 3 Lightning

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Totally agree with this. You will not take damage ever.

S1: 2 vortex 1 mine
S2: 3 aftershock
S3 with no Markov: max out mines and vortex
S3 against Markov: 2 in lightning and max out vortex