What is the balance of Behemoth?



So I’ve gotten to play quite a bit on PC.
I’m interested to hear what some of you think of his balance!

Now of course I don’t have a great opinion at the moment because I’ve only played pubs, but I feel as if he is slightly stronger than last update. His damage overall was greatly increased and gives a nice punch.

  • Overpowered
  • Balanced
  • Underpowered

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I feel he melts really quickly. Could’ve been a good hunter squad though


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Unfortunately I believe this will always be his problem, with his large size it makes it insanely easy to hit him, that’s just Behemoth.

Play more corners and receive less damage.


I don’t know what did i expect from voting that


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He is the only Monster I am undefeated with still.


I tried him out against some founders players and got stomped played wraith later and had an easy win. I’ve played against behemoths and I’ve lost once out of 6 matches and that was with a team of new players who I had to explain what behemoth was we still took him down to 20% health at stage 3 dunno if that speaks well of my hank skills or poorly of behemoth.


Against pubs after over 40 games I’m still undefeated, but he melts so quickly against good premades and with changes to jetpack and tongue grab you need a lot of luck to win against team that knows how to position itself inside arena


Erveything is good except his acceleartion and top speed. Against high level hunter you will not get away…


Thats the problem with asking these questions right now a lot of the players we meet will be new and even if it isn’t all new players on the hunter team there will probably be one who makes mistakes that people who’ve played longer can take advantage of.

Also griffin seems to be able to deal really well with behemoth managed to almost harpoon chain one with Rval and successfully did it with normal val.


Played two games against founders, lost pretty handily to both. Positioning in cramped areas, hitting all my abilities, cutting hunters off with wall, none of it seems to really matter. Behemoth just seems to hit for peanuts now (compared to my experience with him in the free weekend), and given how much harder it is to hide as well, he just seems to be in a really bad spot. He’s my favorite monster design-wise, so if you guys have any advice or builds, I’d appreciate it.


I especially enjoy how you can have all abilities at stage 1 :heart:

The new lava bomb and rock wall are very cool


The best my favorite monster i can’t Wait




He is far from OP, with a good trapper he won’t be able to make a move due to being so big and slow, and will die on first DOME with a good survivor team.

As any other monster, if a skilled user gets his hands on him can be a nightmare, but that doesn’t make it OP.


What’s with all the people not voting/picking the blank option


I was the #1 Behemoth for PC during first release. So far I’ve only lost one game with Behemoth and I’m lvl 19 with the Monster now. I know my big win ratio is a combination of playing against new players and against players that haven’t fought Behemoths since right now only Founders have him and none of the new F2P players.

Stage 2 has taken away one of the hits in Behemoth’s best combo. He has increased ability damage now with all other monsters and faster cooldowns. I honestly don’t know if he is weaker or stronger compared to the original. With original Behemoth I could take a Hunter from 100% to <20% or dead before they could move with a properly executed combo, I can’t do that anymore.