What is the ajax


Is the ajax ship that is mention in the screen before you head into the hunt a sea ship or a spaceship because I first thought that it was a space ship but after reading some text it sounds like its a sea ship could you please straighten me out on this


Space ship. Lots of space ships use nautical terms.


Yeah I get that it the text said dive and what confuses me is that space ship can’t dive


Dive in evolve terms is that a spaceship goes into hyper space. They can only Dive from certain points in space to an dive anchor that also is only a certain spot in space


Ya, what Diavolos said. Dive is how the skip around the universe.


For reference this is the ajax:


401 is superior :smiley:


I thought this was Ajax.


go go ajax rangers


I thought it was 409?


Ajax rangeres xD


Nah this is Ajax