What is people killing time with


Just curious what people are using their time on until evolve comes, i have vacation starting tommorow and even now with school i feel bored all the time since i cant play evolve, anybody else? if so what are you killing your time with until the game comes out?


portal 2, completely random but whatever


Im mostly playing league , cs:go or dying light , but everything became fking boring after the evolve alpha / beta ^-^ .


Team fortress 2, as always.


watching madcaowQQ’s stream


I’ve been doing some writing, some gaming, and staring at these forums for much too long.


Evolve makes other games boring which is good IMO. It has been a long time to feel like this since Bioshock Infinite.

Surfing forums, doing assignments, establishing my own business and the most important one, SLEEP!


Adventure Time! Though I’m making may way to the end of available episodes for that, so I guess next up is Steven Universe.


I’ve been playing Evolve. Gotta match those icons, kill some wildlife, gain 50% of the progression, and unlock those exclusive skins and emblem unlocks. Best match 3 game I’ve ever played, though it’s starting to get a bit grindy


I was about to cry of jealousy until I read the second sentence. Ugh… Evolve, come to us!


Batman: Arkham Asylum.

30% trough the game. Hoping to finish it before release.


Is this your first time playing it?

If so… man, I’m a little envious. Love that game. Hands down, without a doubt the best Batman game available (that and it’s sequels). So… so Batmaney.


Yep, just got my hands on it two days ago. It’s really a lot of fun so far, even though I can feel the porting (AUGHAGAUAGHA WHY DID YOU TARGET THAT GUY!) and I feel like whoever wrote Batman just failed… rest of it is completely amzing though. :smile:


Warhammer 40k Dawn of War 2 and Battlefield Hardline when I want to shoot people in the head.


Wait until you play Batman: Arkham Ciry, best batman game ever, period.


Arkham Knight is literally the next game I’m excited for after Evolve. Gives me a good few months to get my teeth into stuff on Shear.

(Aaaand now I want to play through Arkham Asylum again, even though it’s 3:48 and I should go to bed…)


Anyone know a way to turn off (and keep off) that video that keeps playing at the start? It’s bugging me coming to this thread and hearing it start every time and having to turn it back off.


… not sure what video you’re talking about… >.>

But! If you have an element to a page that you want to nix for good, and you’re running AdBlock (… you are running AdBlock, right?), then just tell AdBlock to block that element as well. Usually works for me. ^-^


Post 6 up there keeps playing automatically when I come back here even when I keep pausing it… maybe muting it will keep it muted for next time.


I burn time by falling asleep and that still makes me cringe :frowning: