What Is One Thing You Want To Do


This year?

I would love to make it back to Kansas, now that I have a phone I can talk to friend from VA and hang out with them in KS


I’d like to obtain this

And complete my costume.


You are dead in love with snow leopards aren’t you? Must be a phase. I don’t hear you say much things about Crow or Vendalra haha


I still love them, don’t worry. This is not a phase.


You filthy furry scum…

I welcome you :stuck_out_tongue:


Gonna try to find myself a woman. Go out a bit and meet some people.
Also go to a few conventions, lots of cool stuff and nice peeps.


Well I mean yes you love and nourish them I know that haha.

Honestly it does look cute (the tail)


I want to make a cosplay of Artorias the Abysswalker. I’m hoping to start on the sword pretty soon, gonna carve it out of a wooden plank. It’s my first one ever, so I hope it works out :grin:


Yes it does. $80 though. It’s worth it.


What will I do?





I wanna build a snowman



Now that’s an accomplishment. I still haven’t made one : /



I want to be able to eat more than four oreos a day.


If you block out her head she looks like she is doing stomping her foot haha!

Edit: I have no idea why I said Irish Dance…: /



Ilovefrozensomuch.BRB, looking for my bluray copy of Frozen so I can watch it tomorrow


A big fat facepalm haha jk



I really dont want to.


Get better.