What is "Lurker's"(tier 5 monster) weakspot?

So what do you guys think the weak spot is?
Her head is really tiny so I don’t know if that will be the weak spot. The abdomen would seem fitting if it was a monster similar to Host that spawns minions from abdomen.

I bet its the booty.
“Armor is gone, keep pounding it!”
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I can almost hear Cabot saying that in my ear. It’s beautiful.


Abdomen seems the best bet.


I can hear the same thing now.

Dat ass (10 char)

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If it’s the big ass then that Monster better be freaky fast as all sorts of hell other wise that thing will die faster than Behemoth in his release days… and that would mean that we spent our $15 for the quickest to die Monster.

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Why the hell would you make the weak spot the biggest, easiest target…?

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True. Wraith’s head is pretty small, so I guess theres no reason for this monster to have something different.


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Bow chicka bow wow

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Please lets not turn this thread into the “thread which we do not speak of”



Dear @mathew make this abe’s line but add oh wait… This comes out wrong.

This thread… It scares me ._.

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As it damn well should. You’re supposed to be scared of danger.

No… It’s Actually a very small target. OH CRAP WHAT HAVE I DONE…

I mean ahem it’s a small agile monster that emphasise speed over staying power. A giant weak spot will make her very vulnerable.


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Luckily I never went to that thread…
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