What is happening with the forums? (Resolved)


What is going on? Everytime I go to a new page there’s a problem, sometimes when I try to even go on the site it fails.

Is there like an unknown maintenance? I’m confused right now, what’s happening with the forums.

Me and @ToiletWraith are having this issue. Anyone else?


Yeah, some weird stuff is happening :open_mouth:


What happens every time you got to a new thread?

And are you on a mobile device?


I had an issue initially loading the page. Chrome said that it was a server error. Probably a problem with Discourse.


Connection issues whenever I go on a new thread. On mobile and PC, sometimes it just doesn’t connect.


Oh, triple check your internet? Idk.

Are the pages you enter new or have you already read them?


@discourse: We are tracking an interruption in service and will update shortly

Twitter update. No need to panic.


Already read works, new ones don’t. And once you go on an unread thread, the connection issues start arriving.


Ah, ok.



Apologies for the hickup! Everything should be working normally now.

We’re digging further into the root of the problem as we speak.


Thank you guys! Quick to respond, as usual!